Craziest things you were yelled at for

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  1. yeldarb

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    I had a delivery for a house with a huge yard, and I can either cut across the grass, or walk the driveway, and walk 4 times the distance. I cut across the grass, only to have him drop the F bomb on me, because it snaps the blades of grass. Even crazier, after that, he told me if I have deliveries for him, I can back up his driveway. I have many customers who dont like me backing in their driveway, because it causes cracks.
  2. 8Years2Go

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    I had a Sup yell at me back when we were on DIAD I. Another driver (We were always playing jokes on each other) cleared out my name on the DIAD and filled it in with ":censored2: Hole" Now every page had it printed on the bottom of the page. This Sup comes up to me yelling that I could lose my job over this. I laughed and he continued to ream me out telling me that if we had to go to court regarding a customers claim, we would lose since there is no driver by that name. I continued to laugh! He wouldn't let up. Finally I told him "Do you really think I would call myself :censored2: hole. Don't you think if I was going to do it, that I would call myself something a little bit more flattering" The next day I was Stud Muffin!
  3. scratch

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    I had some idiot do the same at me. He cussed me for parking in front of his house and walking across the yard and damaging his grass. And his yard wasn't exactly "Yard of the Month" quality either. I don't know how in the world he cut his grass, maybe he hovered over the grass wearing a jetpack or something as he pushed his lawnmower?:confused:1
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    lol those are funny stories
  5. dave_socal

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    The old change the name in the diad trick/joke, I discovered that one day after finishing my route and begining my drive back only to find an OCA message somewhere deep in my route forcing me to turn around and ruin a good production day so one day on my way in I changed my name to smith and it took them 30 minutes to figure it out,hence no futher messages, diad sends numeric ID wich they match to their records of diad slots, by then was home free. Well not really I was given a verbal warning not no mess with that information. Oh well it's a riot when you do it to someone else's diad board.
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    "The old change the name in the diad trick/joke"

    <sigh> I was 'Lunch Runner' one day...
  7. jetset

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    I can't believe the day I get bawled out for placing a package on damp grass theres a post on craziest things to be yelled at for.
    Description of goods I placed on damp grass:
    Fishing line.
    Needless to say when I next go fishing I know which makers line I wont be wating my money on.
  8. disneyworld

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    Not putting a box arrows up cuz the label was on the side.I was warned how much of a b*tch this girl was and it still couldn't have prepared me. The worst part about it was she was so f***in HOT!!!!!!!!
  9. xkingx

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    talking in the small sort:confused:1
  10. Newupser

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    I hurt my knee loading, and was told the real reason I was getting behind was not my knee but improper methods.. Makes me laugh!!!
  11. diadlover

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    I had to go out and help a new driver on his route one day. The center manager was telling me to hurry up so I grabbed a diad, hopped in the first truck I could find and sped out of there. When I met the driver I opened up the back of my package car and it was filled with mechanic's tools. It was the mechanic's shop truck that I took. I had been warned that the mechanic's truck was always off limits so when I came back and pulled back into my hub I was trying to be "stealth" like so they wouldn't see me. Didn't work. This 300 lb. fatso comes running out after me and screaming. He was cursing and throwing his hands in the air. I just laughed at him. Then he mumbled something I couldn't hear and "oozed" back into the mechanic's shop. That guy yelled at me worse than any sup or manager ever has.
  12. Had a nice old lady turn demon on me a few weeks back. I was going out of my way to bring her Dell inside and on the kitchen table. Only to find out I stepped in a pile of dog doo on the way in and tracked it through her house.
    After being balled out, I told her I went beyond my duty to bring the box inside and it was your dog's crap. She then asked my name and I told her it was Phillip (first fake name that came to find) the next morning my on-car called me into his office and said "sit down phillip"
  13. Lets see the craziest would have to be my sup yelling at me because i was smoking a cig by the carwash 30 min before start time. Stupidvisor - "You need to be sorting your truck, and helping to bulk out." I say, " I can't touch load till start time." anotherwords, I would have finished my cig and continued to sort, but since he was a D*ck I didn't touch anything till 9:00.
  14. Customers really don't get pissy unles I'm sweating all over their stuff, but I can't help it in Lauderdale.
  15. mrbill

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    With the diad all you have to do is shut off the radio in it. Nothing will happen until it is turned back on.They will not know what happened:lol:

    BLACK BOX Guest

    I Got Yelled At Because I Would'nt Wait Till This Pot Bellied Receiver Talking On His Cell Phone Was Done. Can;t Stand Asking Other People To Check Me In And The Answer Is Always.."he's The Only One That Can Sign" Many Times Does This Happen During The Day??
  17. wornoutupser

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    You can also change your social security number by one digit but dont forget to change it back at night or your payroll could be wrong!
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    How do you shut off the radio? And what will it do, or not do, if it is turned off? Does that mean they can't send you messages? And do they know the radio is turned off?
  19. toonertoo

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    The GPS will follow you, it doesnt matter if the radio is off, or your soc sec# is wrong, they can and will figure it out. If you have the new diad you have gps, and you can be tracked. they may tell you it is not enabled but it is.
    But unless you are screwing up, its not a problem. YOU get paid by the hr, if they want to send you messages etc, bring em on, you are theirs until you punch out, unless you are on lunch or break, in which case the msg can wait til you resume work.
  20. DS

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    one day I was getting killed with on calls still had 20 resis to do after my pickups at around 5pm ,and my sup says...I need you to cover3 pickups ....I say NO! If I do that I`ll miss my last 5 pickups...
    he says I have to come down there and take you by the hand?