cuba turning hundreds of jobs to democratic worker control

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  1. rickyb

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    who says theres no alternative to capitalism or state socialism?

    cuba turning hundreds of state jobs to democratic worker control.

    in 2014 450 government run jobs, were handed over to the workers for democratic worker control.

    starts at 4:00 roughly
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    Communists used Democratic as a euphemism. State jobs turned over to control by communists who are a part of the Cuba government? ? Your statement is meaningless.
  3. rickyb

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    from what i understand they were previously state run jobs, and now they are privatized and democratically run by the workers.
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    In a general sense you are correct. We have a local gardening radio program that comes on Saturday that is very popular and the host makes trips to Cuba with a group, many are his listeners, (my wife and I considered going in 2013', it's on our bucket list for sure) just for Cuba's gardening. Prior to the easing of restrictions, there were allowances for trips to Cuba for educational purposes and the host did so under those terms. When the Soviet Union fell, Cuba as a result had its Peak Oil moment among other things and its dependency on petro/chem based agriculture that was key to its centralized food production collapsed. For a time Cuba was in crisis and facing starvation but Cuba then relented and turned land over to the people for private ownership and cultivation and the food production turn around using organic methods was nothing less than miraculous. Some people were even allowed to open private restaurants right in their own homes albeit under heavy state regulation but they were privately owned none the less.

    Cuba has a long way to go still but it is true they are in the process of economic liberalization and showing signs of more open and freer markets with private ownership. In this sense what you are saying is from what I've read and heard, true.