Customer Accuse us of Scamming


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He says we are lazy but says he ignored the doorbell when his :censored2: got stolen by some 6 year olds, the irony is killing me. His high tech security couldn't save him from some 6 year olds how is he going to be safe when those so called thugs show up to do more then steal his package, :censored2:ing nut job.


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What a jack ass.....too bad he wasn’t on my route. I’d take great pleasure in using my “driver discretion” and getting a signature for every single delivery. I’m sure that fat ass would be to busy stuffing his face enough times to let me AP a good amount of packages to that “shady” Boost Mobile store for him.

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he was all over the place. If you read his first comment, he states he ships a ton. and that FedEx with doubles (that's only ground, :censored2:) is the most dangerous company. He completely missed the fact that Express and Ground are seperate.

Just a self-important know-it-all with a 1000 cameras so that he can jerk off to the security cam footage when a hot blonde walks past. Just think of it as a techie version of the HOA nazi.


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“I have my normal UPS driver’s phone number.”

That’s a fail on the driver. Yeah, this cover driver screwed up, but this customer sounds like a self-important jackoff. Agreed with making him signature required.


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How does one spend 100k in shipping fees? Anyone even know how pricing for shipping works? How many packages would he have to ship every single day to spend that much.


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Since he knows about GPS, he should know that he didnt get a “GPS ping” at his house. Telling us he wants his deliveries in his back door is just TMI.