Customer here, I'm having a couple of issues with deliveries looking for advice

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    I'm having an issue where drivers are listing bogus reasons as to why packages aren't being delivered. I've talked to every supervisor's supervisor I could possibly get my hands on, but this continues to happen. I have no clue what to do. All I want is my package delivered on the date it says it will be..

    I was hoping some actual employees could weigh in and give me some advice. Unfortunately it's very he said/she said and as a result UPS seems to be siding with the drivers despite numerous complaints of the same issue...

    EDIT: To be specific, the driver is stating that there was an attempt made, and that I was not home. I work from home, do not leave the house when packages are arriving, and there is never a note on the door showing that they were here. So, really, it comes down to one of us is lying.. until I set up a camera..
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    Just sounds like either the driver is at the wrong house or just not doing his job.
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    Here's a helpful tidbit. Just because a driver doesn't deliver your package today, doesn't mean it goes away forever. He/She will have it again the following day. What would be the point of not delivering on purpose just to have to deal with it a second and possibly a third time? Perhaps there's more to the story than your telling us. Or better yet, you're a troll, amirite?
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    He/she said they never received an info notice. FYI not all UPS drivers are arrogant :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s like these two above me are!
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    Im not an :censored2: Chaz, I'm simply stating a matter of fact. Here's another fact:The adhesive on the back of an infonotice is not exactly Gorilla Glue. Does that make me an :censored2: too? I won't stoop to your level and call you a foul word. But since you've got those lips of yours puckered up calling me one, go ahead and use em to kiss mine.
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    Well there is no need in being a total jerk to someone that's trying to solve the mystery of where their package is at. But you succeeded in being a douche bag to this customer.
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    Why hasn't he posted, again? Why not provide a tracking number so we can assess what might have occured?
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    He probably doesn't wanna post again if there's gonna be nothing but smartazz answers.
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    OR he's a troll....
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    I vote TROLL
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    Nope, I'm here. I just forgot to check back. I'm going through the posts now. I didn't expect quite a negative response. I'm not sure how I came across as trollish. I was simply asking for advice to an issue I'm having with the company you all work for.

    To Harry Manback, I get that it doesn't go away forever. The fact that it does eventually arrive is not this issue. I was just asking for advice considering that the reasons the driver is listing for non-delivery are not factual.

    Most deliveries go fine, but coincidentally, when I am receiving large packages I usually see a bogus tracking information update coupled with a lack of note on the door.

    If this were one time, then, like I said, I would probably ignore it. But taking in the fact that each time it does happen there is also no note left on the door. It would seem highly improbable for the wind to take the sticky note only on the specific instances where I feel the delivery guy didn't do his job, no? Note that of the times I am legitimately not at home I usually arrive to a note on the door. So given those facts, what conclusion should I be expected to draw?
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    I'm rating this thread "terrible".
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    Terrible with a capital Tie
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    Maybe the supervisor is putting in as a not in back at the building to pad his numbers. It's better than missed or lib. I wouldn't put it past them.
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    One of the most important things to learn about UPS is that NOT EVERYTHING is a legit service. UPS has forgotten about customer service and for you to blame the driver is foolish given the numerous possiblilites that exist.

    First of all, with the new loading system UPS has in place, we are experiencing a HIGHER frequency of misloads and off area packages on our trucks. What that means is that, lets say I deliver to one town and during my business day, i find YOUR package for another town. Now, i have no way to deliver it to you, contact you, notify you or transfer YOUR package to anyone that could make service on it. I then call my center and advise them of the "off area" package.

    The center team then gives me an instruction, and depending on the day, the center teams only concern is to NOT SHOW up on a MISLOAD report because that brings heat from the division manager. Instead, I am given an instruction to FALSELY CODE THE PACKAGE. It could be a NOT READY 1 code, or a SECURITY CODE or more over, I am told to record the package as NOT IN.

    Now, YOU the customer see this code when you track it, and go look for a notice, but you find nothing, there would be no way for you to get a notice if I was in another city when I recorded your package.

    YOU, get upset and immediately figure the driver SCREWED you, but in fact, he did nothing wrong. YOUR driver has no obligation to show up to your home to notify you that your package was missorted and would not be delivered for the day. SO back the F UP on that nonsense.

    We put up with so much krapola from our own management when it comes to mis sorts and mis loads you have no idea. They wont listen to us, they wont fix the problem either.

    The problem lies with the center team, who's only focus is to COVER THEIR REAR ENDS by falsely recording your package. They simply make a choice, listen to the DM rip them a new one because they failed to make service on ALL packages, or they listen to YOU bitch, and then blow you off with a "well talk to the driver" speech and then fail another package for you on another day. What can you do to them? Nothing, and they know it.

    This is the life of the average UPS package driver.

    We fail HUNDREDS of packages each and everyday. Everyone of those packages is a "manufactured failure" by UPS for operational dysfunctions that are uncontrolled by the drivers.

    If you saw the stack of complaints by other customers for packages recorded one way or the other when they were home, you would chitt yourself and then select another carrier.

    UPS is not concerned with customer service, today its about blowing smoke up the rear ends of the next level supervisor asking questions.

    Dont automatcally assume its the fault of a lazy driver, we have no control over the load cause no one at UPS wants to address our concerns.

    As for me, I am a 21 year package driver and I average 15 off area packages a week or 60 a month. That means 60 complaints for packages that were not delivered properly and coded something "other" than what is required.

    If you speak to your driver and he seems unconcerned with your issue, understand that he "knows" full well whats wrong, but really doesnt care because NO ONE at UPS management cares and he's tired of complaining about it himself.

    Im surprised he didnt say "welcome to the club", cause thats what i would have told you.

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    Dick, you do know this site is not sponsored or endorsed by UPS, right???

    And, I believe it's your crude moniker that elicits the wise ass comments!!
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    I can't say I've had this happen by UPS. I have had "exceptions", for some reason my package got stuck at 1 building for an extra day. On the other hand, I had this problem a couple of time with BrandEx ground. (not my choice who the shipper used). BrandEx at various times said, "No such address", "Not in, business closed", I am not a business, just a residence that's been here for 60+ yrs.