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    If you think you have heard it all here is one more for the book. First off my route starts in a bulk van that delivers to 4 of my centers largest customers. I've been doing this route for about a year and a half with no issues or complaints from any customers or performance issues with management. Then today at one of my bulk stops the employee who helps unload the truck tells me that his supervisor is unhappy with how I do my job. This stop gets anywhere from 185-600 boxes a day and according to him it takes me about 10 minutes longer to unload the stop than the cover drivers who run the route when I'm off. I was told if I don't improve my time he's going to call in a complaint stating I am wasting there time. Now ain't this something we now have customers who are handing out time allowances what a joke. Hell maybe if I don't pick it up he's going to give me a warning letter. I wonder if I can file a grievance if he does lol.
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    I lol'ed
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    Um, I would honestly tell him to call the 1-800 number. LMAO
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    Can't please them all. I bet on those days that didn't have as much as normal. It just seemed faster.
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    LOL. I'd hand him an infonotice with the 1800 number circled and say ' call this number and have a good day, sir.' and just keep working.
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    Maybe that stop needs to be moved to the end of your route for a week :]
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    Tell 'em what 'ol Rod says

    "I have two speeds, if you don't like this one you won't like the other"
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    I did that once, used to turn up at a stop with 200-300 HP boxes, i'd get there early, normally before 9am and get the warehouse lads to help unload, i got a light hearted complaint that their guys had a load of stuff to do early so could i do it myself. The following day i turned up at 16:45 just before they closed. He didnt complaiin about me using their staff to unload again. :wink2:
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    I've done that before. i had a customer complain that I wasn't getting there early enough. i would get there at 10 and get their ground of with their air. After the one guy complained that he wanted me there ASAP. I started showing up at 9:00 with his air and thenwould come back around 11 or so with the rest. He fixed his attitude right quick and told me that the 10 o'clock with everything was fine if coudl go ak to getting there then.
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    Does this employee that helps unload your truck have a union card? Just something to think about maybe a another route would go in or work taken off if you were unloading without help. I know it's hard to turn down free help but, it would make a statement if you needed one.
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    Had a Resi customer when I bid my present route call in a complaint that I was coming too late and wanted an earlier delivery time. Then she proceeded to offer an explanation of why I was coming later.

    She explained that since I was younger then the previous driver I probably didn't have a family and was going slower to try and get paid OT. Needless to say 5 years later that development is the last area I deliver no matter what PAS says.
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    dont ever piss off you ups driver.
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    Hey isn't that the dude from the UPS commercials?
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    Lookingout made this same post eleven times in eleven different threads. Thats called spamming and they have been removed. I don't know if he makes one minute deliveries, eleven posts a minute, or is only good for 60 seconds in another area.
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    Yes Scratch I saw that after looking at a few threads. Just another UPS'er on drugs at 1AM. These young kids will never make it.
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    Don't be rushed and get hurt. Just do your job like you alway do. If the idiot says he going to call your boss again give him the 800 number. Your SUP isn't going to do anything about it everybody wants ther packages first thing in the morning and they know that. I think you get a 20 minute allowance for every 100 package.

    I have customer call the center if I'm not there by a certian time wondering where I am. I told my SUP that if they want there package by a certain time they can get NDA otherwise it will get to them before they close.

    I hope the employee that helps you unload your truck isn't getting in it to help.
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    Thank you Scratch! One pic in one thread was ok, it went with the thread (kinda) but he went way overboard.
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    During this stop I scan and hand the packages to there employee who then scans the boxes with his scanner thats used for keeping inventory. Then it's put on a belt and other employees pull the packages off outside the truck. This stop is a huge mail order company that handles sporting goods. I guess the cover driver was able to do 335 boxes in 30 minutes when it takes me about 35-40. After taliking to someone today I was informerd they had cut quite a few jobs due to the economy. So my guess is the supervisor for this company is just trying to get me to move faster because they are always behind due to the layoffs. Also I delivered 301 today in 33 minutes I guess I missed his SPORH again. I'm not at all worried if he does call in because I'm usually about .40 under a day anyway.
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    To clarify the situation I'm in a bulk van and during this stop a conveyor is rolled into the truck. I scan then put the package on the rollers and there guy then scans the box with his gun. They also have two employees on the dock unload the boxes off the rolllers and load them on carts and skids. So inside the truck I'm the only one doing the lifting.
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    When I was in my first week of driver probation a bulk stop customer called in a complaint that I wasn't delivering early enough. That day I delivered NDA to a neighbor on each side of that business.... After that complaint I started running the route in such a way that made me get to them everyday around lunch time. It was a stop with about 20-40 heavy boxes per day and no one every lifted a finger to help. Screw 'em, I'm not going to deliver them early now.