Customer who cursed me out

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Come on man. Don’t back up the driveway. Go right up, nose into the garage than neutral back out. I would have told the old hag that it was a free tree trimming service. Next time bag it and tie it to a tree branch. Next time it snows, don’t deliver until the last snowflake has melted off the driveway. Make her miserable. A woman who always gave me crap about coming up the driveway because “her kids play outside” well during the covid peak we were so slammed I went six weeks without ever finishing the days work. Guess who didn’t get her packages for six weeks?


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Just give her the package. Don't even respond to what she's saying, just tell her to have a good day as you walk away. She'll be pissed if you don't respond to her complaints.

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I had a meth head pull a gun on me last week thinking I was an undercover sting operation looking for illegal pot grows. Permanent left @ gate from now on


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80k? I worked in the wrong place.
San Diego...


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My first pkg car was a dodge p400...I had a "hill" route....learned the hard way...."pump the brakes before heading down a steep hill"


an absolute *ing disgrace of a human being.
Had one yell at me because I wouldn't bring the 24 bottles of wine inside to her wine fridge. She then told me she paid extra for the service. I told her " well you better demand your money back because you got robbed." And I walked away.
I had one and only one remotely sexual encounter at UPS. And not even a good one. My first month as a driver in my packet.

Best Buy TV sig req up 8 flights of stairs. Ancient building in NYC so each step was at least a foot high (never understood that, I thought people used to be shorter!)

Old man answers the door stark naked. With a slight grin on his face and I could tell from the look in his eyes he was not senile/Parkinson’s. He knew what he was doing.

I’m trying to get a signature whilst looking away. He says “Oh I thought you were going to set it up for me I paid for Geek Squad.” I replied: “Hold on, let me grab my toolbox I’ll be right back.”

I got back to the center that night and I don’t recall exactly what I told the clerk, NSN, need APT or APT didn’t exist; but that address was deleted from the system and I hope to this day that creepy :censored2: never gets a ups delivery again.