Customer who cursed me out


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who has had splinters from the bulkhead door?...raise your hand.......yeah I thought so...

From the shelves

the door itself...

remember seeing the road under the gas brake and clutch pedals?

The old Ford 600's

and hearing the car brakes creak when you parked on a steep hill
You two need a room and some "alone time"?


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the shelves folded up... wtf!? why did they eliminate that feature..
same with the jump seat...why did they add that...remember when on roads had to stand?


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My first pkg car was a dodge p400...I had a "hill" route....learned the hard way...."pump the brakes before heading down a steep hill"
Was it a 400 that had the engine cover that was like a table almost . you could lay out your next 4 or 5 stops on it


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