Customer's Drivers License verification?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ups clerk, Nov 19, 2005.

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    I am a UPS AM clerk in Kansas. A couple of weeks ago we began entering the driver's license number into our Diad of every customer that picks up their packages at the Customer Counter. I was told this is now happening nationally.

    Many of these customers have been coming in every morning for years to pick up packages. I'm told to enter everybody's license number even if they are well known here. I can understand verifying a stranger but why everybody everytime?

    Does local managment have this right? Is this how it is done in your local?
  2. tieguy

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    You should always do as your told but you're right it does sound like you're entering the information too much. I'm not sure I would feel comfortable giving that information up if I was a customer.
  3. iloadthetruck

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    Clerk, customers are told they should have a DL or some gov't ID when picking up a pkg for verification... perhaps this is just one step towards making sure procedures are followed.

    And I don't think a DL # is too much info. People already put them on checks, you have to present them when you use a check while shopping, and, believe it or not, in my state, the DL # is derived from your DOB and last name, so you end up sharing the same number with other people, just with a -01 or -02 attached to the end to make it "different." I'm -08, so I'm the 8th person with that particular number.
  4. ok2bclever

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    We have been requiring photo id, preferrably a Driver's License for years, but we only input the actual number with suspicious cases where a local supervisor overrules the existing id parameters.

    A month ago we were required to begin verifying DLs for anyone shipping at the customer counter, but have not been required to actually enter the number into the system.
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    Customer's Drivers License verification

    When I was trained by security the crime dog told me Big Brown is being proactive and doing this before Big Brother enforces a program that could be worse. I didn't think to ask him if FDX & DHL is doing this yet?
  6. over9five

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    "verifying DLs"

    Do UPS Stores do this? I will ask mine Monday if nobody knows.

    What if I wanted to ship a package, but did not drive?
  7. InTheRed

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    There are many forms of identification such as birth certificate, state/county ID, US & International passport, that all have some sort of Identification number on them. Those would probably be acceptable?
  8. ok2bclever

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    Without a valid driver's license it requires two pieces of legal ID with at least one of them being some sort of photo ID.
  9. InTheRed

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    The examples I gave, with the exception of birth certificate, should most definitely provide a photo.
  10. toonertoo

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    How about the new ones for wine shipments that say
    Recipient must be at least 21 years of age
    Do not deliver to an intoxicated person
    No driver or shipper release allowed
    this package contains alcoholic beverages.

    So now I should know who is drunk?
    That little speaker on the side of the diad must be the breathalyzer.
    I cant wait to use it on someone I know.

    What a great idea for candid camera.
    Go to the door and then ask them who they are, ask for ID.........
    Ask them to blow in those three little holes........
    Look at your diad screen and say, "OOPS No delivery today, you are .10, you are intoxicated, sucks to be you, cant have your delivery. "
    "Try and be sober tomorrow and Ill be here after 5, OK?"
  11. over9five

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    LOL, Tooner!

    And instead of NI1 (Not in 1), or NA1 (No adult 1), we will have TD1...... (Too drunk 1)!

    Will they try to hold us accountable for delivering to an intoxicated person who then goes out and runs over a child?
  12. ok2bclever

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    I fully agree.

    However, from personal experience so far few have any of those photo ids.

    The vast majority have only their driver's license as a photo id and when they don't have it for whatever reason, forgot it at home, lost it, taken away, etc. they don't have any other photo id and want to use a handful of credit cards or a car title as their proof.

    Unfortunately, without a photo id anyone who stole a car, purse or wallet could supply those.
  13. toonertoo

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    I did think about that Over 95, who is going to be accountable if I deliver to a person I didnt realize was intoxicated? I usually try not to get close enough to smell anyones breath. And they go out and get more intoxicated after at home delivery of alcohol? Seems like that label, which appears to be UPS generated, opens doors for liablity.