customers opening package before they sign for them?

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  1. lvgolfer962

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    had a woman today that refused to sign(sig req) for her package until she open to "see if it was all there", it was some medications and whatnot. it has security tape on every edge, box looks great being a nda. i was under the impression that they needed to sign first or refuse it.

    so what is the proper way to handle this one?
  2. over9five

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    She can't open it till she signs.
  3. dcdriver

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    sign first then open. Once open its thier package, not going to take it back.
  4. UPSGUY72

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    If they have to sign for it. They have to sign for it before they open it. If they don't want to sign for it without opening it tell them it dosen't work that way they can sign or refuse the package. This is why you keep control of the package untill the person signs for it. If they open it you can't take it back and if they didn't sign for it what are you going to do ??? You also run the risk of them taking something out and then saying they don't want it. Them when it gets return to the shipper they say that something is missing and make a claim. This could come back to you.

    Everytime someone says they want to open a package before I leave I always tell them once you open it its yours and you need to contact the shipper if you have any problems.

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  6. nocturnalbuck

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    what if the corner of the box is dented in and they just want to make sure the item isn't broke
  7. UPSGUY72

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    Sure they can open it after they sign for it. IF they open the packages they own it. That's all you need to know. You can't take back a box that has been open without a call tag.
  8. Shifting Contents

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    I always tell them, "you open it, you own it." I will however let someone reach ino a tear or an open corner if a box is busted up. If they feel broken stuff I will let them refuse it. I will not let them take anything out.
  9. lvgolfer962

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    thanks, i knew i was right. wont happen again
  10. Cementups

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    What this guy said^^
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If there is visible damage to the package I will let the consignee open to inspect but otherwise they sign first and can do whatever they want after that as I will be out the door.
  12. trplnkl

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    I got burned doing just that. Box was bent on two corners, consignee wanted to inspect it as I stood there watching. He said the product looked fine and signed. Later the consignee call in saying things were missing and that he didn't check for anything but damage while I was there. After arguing with my center manager for a while he backed me up on the issue. After that there was a notation in the DIAD for that stop that all packages had to be verified by driver and consignee before leaving the package. This guy had already claimed two previous times that he received packages with missing product from different shippers.
    As said above, if a sign is required...get signature and leave.
  13. cachsux

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    Tell them they have to sign but you`ll be happy to make a note of the dented,possible damage to the box. No sig, no box.


    Tell them they must sign for it or refuse it...If somthing is missing notify the shipper asap.
  15. JonFrum

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    Are receivers in the hospital Radiology Lab allowed to take a quick X-ray before signing for a dented package? :happy2:
  16. trplnkl

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  17. DazedandConfused

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    I put in POSSDAM(possible damage) in the remarks space to help with their claim to the shipper that it arrived that way. Either they accept that and sign, or refuse the package entirely.
  18. grgrcr88

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    Procedure in our building is this.

    1)Do not sheet or deliver any package that is suspected of possible damage

    2)Bring said package to the night OMS for inspection

    3)Sheet either as missed or damaged depending on OMS determination

    4)If no damage have repacked by clerks and redeliver the next day
  19. clueless

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    There's at least one place I order from which states this on its website (emphasis mine--and yes, I know 'except' should be 'accept'--the mistake is theirs, I'm cutting and pasting this directly from their site):

    Damaged Goods

    We do our utmost to ensure your product is packed and delivered safe and sound. On occasion the contents have been abused without signs of distress on the box (dropping, crushing, thrown or kicked). Open the box in front of the courier before signing. If the product looks like it has leaked or damages have resulted from shipping, do not except it! Return the item in its original box so we can assess the problem and put an insurance claim through. We will give you a replacement or your money back promptly. Call, fax or e-mail us of these events immediately!

    (btw-most of the stuff I get from them is shipped FedEx, but maybe other shippers similarly admonish their customers)
  20. Covemastah

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    UPS policy over rides their policy,,UPS cuts your check,or cuts into your check if you screw up !!! No favors for consignees unless your willing to buy a pkg !!