Day 3 of Orientation. I have my charts. Loader (pics)

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    Tomorrow I will be taking the 8-5 test, and some online test. The man teaching us told me we MUST get everything 100%, which really sucks, because if I get one wrong..then I guess thats it for me.

    Im a bit confused about the charts that were handed to me though, the pics are them below.

    I really have no clue how to read these yet. The teacher hasnt taught us yet, but Im not sure..I think we may learn it on Friday (Where we actually get hands up on the job with a trainer). Would anyone mind breaking it down a bit for me? Just so I know a little heads up about it.
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    The test that has to be 100% right is easy, and if you get something wrong, at least with my trainer we got a second chance. The charts are load charts and show what zip codes the truck carries and which ones it doesnt, the ones at the Richmond hub look different. like the truck I have been in goes to Earth City and only gets 63000-63999 and 65000-65999 ground only.
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    I just went into convulsions. My hub gets those bags everynow and then and often at the end of the shift. It is the biggest cause of left in buildings in our area. I hate those bags with that burtonville night label. Ok now the charts. Basically it is giving you a list of the acceptable zip codes or human redeable codes. Since it lists only 2 and 3 you will know that next days are no good. They have a big "1" on them. I dont like the charts they gave you but you gotta use what you got . Try asap to learn the town names. often much easier. at least where I am at. Check your zips but say the town name out loud to yourself.
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    Perhaps after you have been there for a while and find something that may work better you can always suggest changes to the charts. As to whether those changes would be implemented...
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    Burtonsville is the name of the hub that the load/trailer is going to.
    You are in the MIDOH hub and Hub to Hub loads are typically are designated by just the first 3 digits of the postal codes that go into the load.
    The 201 means that ZIPs 20100- 20199 go into the load.
    The 220 -223 is a range of ZIPs (22000- 22399) that can go in the trailer.
    The West Va 267 - 268 is probably a scheduled overflow for Burtonsville once the normal flow trailer is full.
    UPSRC stands for UPS Routing Code which is a Human Readible location code of a delivery building. This code is printed on the shipping label by all UPS compliant shjipping systems. This is typically used more by the final final hub that builds the delivery center loads.
    SLIC- stands for Standard Location Identification Code. Every UPS Hub and package delivery center has one of these assigned to it. So BURMD 2079 T means it is going to the T or Twilight sort. (S= Sunrise, D= Day, T= Twilight, N=Night). Note that Hubs end in "9".
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    What is an 8-5 test?

    Dang, they take loading serious over there.

    Also, your charts seem a little more complicated. Our charts just have the hub name for example...

    MEANJ - Meadowlands, NJ
    4digitnumber with a letter

    NJ 070 - 099 Ground 3day air, only 2 day air bags
    NY 100 - 125? (or something like that) Ground 3 day air, only 2 day air bags

    and they have a 1 2 3 and under that is a N or a Y depending on if it goes or not. It's pretty simple.

    And chances are you won't get fired, the only way you'll leave is if you quit and I wouldn't suggest doing that...yet.
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    Thanks for the help, and the chart was easier than I thought. I only had to one of them, they got my PD confused.
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