Day of Action 2/21 /2013

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  1. PT Stewie

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    Stood at the gate before the twi with my BA from five until the last start time @ 6:45 collected at least 200 signatures from Pt'ers and article 22's.on the petition for a fair contract. The BA froze his a-- off as it was below freezing as the sun went down Stewie was dressed appropriately as his brown job is cold all winter. He (BA) stated that it was colder in the morning as they worked the drivers start and the end of preload and collected another 200. We stickered every body up with "protect our health care" and "stop the harasment" stickers as they entered the building. The general feeling was a resounding NO to any co-pay the company has put on the bargaining table. We need to keep it up and drive the nail home .The company is making money and we are entitled to our share ! How were things at your location ?
  2. brownmonster

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    I signed the petition in the building where it is warm. We all wore End the Harrasement stickers in front of the Supes.
  3. PT Stewie

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    Forgot to mention it was great for communication to stop all the rumors and give the peeps the real scoop on what is going on. We as a local need to work the gate more often as union meetings are not as well attended as they should be . I as a steward can walk the building but cannot take people away from their work but at the gate I can get their attention if only for a minute .
  4. slantnosechevy

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    As usual the International had a good idea but dropped the ball getting the stickers out to the various locals in time to circulate them to members. Stickers aren't important. July 31st is.
  5. 728ups

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    Had a safety meeting today with the center manager and an On Car and we all had our stickers on.
  6. PT Stewie

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    Now is the time to get their BS offer off the table . Not in the summer it will be to late. Give the IBT props for being pro active this time around .Yes they were slow getting the stuff to the locals but the around the country rallies with hall and Hoffa are a big plus.
  7. scratch

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    We had a parking lot meeting and then wore our stickers into the building until the end of the PCM.
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    Nothing said or passed out at my Center. Oh.....that's right...
    I'm in Iowa...... a Teamster hot shot here........yea right
    ...maybe when down under freezes over.
  11. Brownslave688

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    We were more worried about the blizzard today.
  12. working up a sweat

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    Protect our Health Care stickers were passed out to employees entering work for the night sort this evening. I was surprised most people were not aware of the 90 dollar a week proposal that is now on the table. 60 percent of the night sort here are PTer's averaging about 12 hours a week. Being an air hub, we don't get a 3.5 hour guarantee for coming in, only health and pension 3.5 credited hours. They are here busting their butt for the insurance benefits that is well earned by our productivity. If we had to pay 90.00 a week, most PTer's would taking home about 4 dollars an hour.
  13. 104Feeder

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    Good response to the stickers today but we're going to be at this for a while to educate the part-timers about what they are facing. Too many times I heard people blaming it on Obamacare (this is Arizona after all).
  14. iowa boy

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    I was thinking the same thing. Our main steward is out on disability and our BA is nowhere to be found, (as usual). So here where I'm at noone knows anything about anything, which is really pathetic.
  15. PiedmontSteward

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    Passed out the stickers/held parking lot rallies for all 3 sorts yesterday with my BA and a few other stewards. We had 75+ guys on the noonday shift walk in at the same time - guys were talking :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to management all day about not paying for their insurance. Got a ton of guys to sign union cards, to boot.

    Yesterday was a good day.
  16. Turmlos

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    I gave a short speech and handed out stickers to the Local Sorters at break time. Unfortunately it was a light night, so some had already left. Those that were there seemed to appreciate it. I did manage to talk to everybody throughout the week and ask if they would like to sign the fair contract petition. Everyone did. It was the first time we have done anything union-related in the 11 years I have been there.
  17. PT Stewie

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    I also used the oppurtunity to pump up the peeps to get their 3 and 1/2 guarntee .I had one kid tell me his sup said that it was only 2 and 1/2 and he was lucky to get three . The BA and I questioned him and he was positive of what the sup said .They make (ups) this stuff up all the time. All the more reason to work the gate periodically.
  18. brown_trousers

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    from the perspective of those managers, they probably dont care, not even a little bit. Managers have only two things they worry about: making their numbers look good, and covering their ass if something goes wrong. I don't think they care at all about how much we pay for health care!
  19. Thanks to our alternate steward we got the petition signed but didn't get any stickers yet. Working in a small building you never get the attention that you should get.
  20. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    Actually, we had a few PT supervisors say they don't want UPS to touch PT health care. They don't want their employees dragging ass because they're basically taking a massive pay cut.

    It's good to get everyone on the same page to beat back the occasional supervisor suggesting that bargaining unit members pay for insurance. It's been happening in my hub and elsewhere.