Day Shift AND Twilight?

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  1. Recently we had an issue that caused us to get really behind so they were asking us Day people if we'd be willing to work Twilight and/or Midnight shift. I was wondering if it'd be possible to work Day and Twilight every day. Does anybody know?
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    if you go full time out of the building, then sign a bid to get back in the building... they are required to give you 8 hours so you will work both shifts, normally twilight midnight..... thats about the only way... around here anyways

    basically the answer is no though.
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    You're talking about double shifting. Depending on the facility and time of year you can double or rarely triple shift all week. My hub doesn't have a day sort but double shifting has been available all year between twilight and midnight sorts usually Monday and Tuesday sometimes Wednesday and Thursday but rarely Friday. Doing it a full week continuously would indicate bigger issues and outside of peak corporate would put a heavy hand down on local management to fix their staffing so that double shifting wasn't a thing anyone could rely on for more than a day here or there.

    Edit: If you're worried about hours/money keep an eye out for sups working, even if they have people double shifting they will have sups work to make the numbers look better. Management will probably fight the grievances but at least here even with double shifting available people still get paid for the sups working grievances, albeit slowly.
  4. Supervisors are always working, what is the deal with that?
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    Article 3 section 7. File on them working, either you and your coworkers don't care or management doesn't care and just pays out grievances because sups working don't count against their production reports. There is a point where the grievance payouts do outweigh the production reports and that's when you see them work less.
  6. I'm not in the union or any of that jazz yet so I don't know how any of that works. I remember, having worked here briefly before, that supervisors aren't supposed to be working. But I assumed that issue was resolved because now that I'm back I see all of the supervisors working all of the time...
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    What do you mean "is it possible?"
    Why would they be asking you to do it if it were impossible?
  9. Okay, fellow smartasses who wish to be pedantic, let me rephrase. Would UPS/The Union/Whatever Other Powers That Be, be okay with me doing that throughout the year and not just during special times?
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    If UPS is short staffed and asked you to double shift you can whenever you feel like it.
  12. "Pedantic".... nice use of the thesaurus! Shouldn't you be an English professor somewhere instead of a UPS drone.
  13. But no hablo english, senor! :student:
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    Say a word about double shifting around here ends with people grieving it and losing the opportunity for extra money. I should ask tbh, we are short everywhere, and I love the exercise.