Dealing with Pictures on the Box!

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    Is it just me or does anyone else think companies should package their items better, especially this time of the year? I don't know how many times over the years I have had to deliver a box with the picture of the toy or whatever item it is all over the box! It is obviously a Christmas present for a child and now you have to try to deliver it without the kids seeing it, or at least I do! If I think the kids might be home (snow day or Christmas vacation has started), I will knock and ask for the parent and just flat out tell them I have a box that little eyes probably shouldn't see. Today I even delivered myself my own present and good thing I know what I was getting because it was just packed in the box that it would sit on the shelf in!

    JCPenney is notorious for this. The old Sears Christmas wish book would use black shrinkwrap to cover boxes. Amazon is very good too.

    I know some of you will have the attitude of "Oh well, that's not my problem", but if you've ever had kids or given someone something that really surprises them, you know how fun it is to see the look on their faces when they open that gift! The parents I've done this for have always been very appreciative of the extra effort!

    Just wondering what lengths some of you have gone to to make sure Santa's presents are still a surprise?
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    No time to care, drop and run.
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    Too many to tell hear, but the one I remember the most was delivering a big JC Penny box two days before Christmas.
    Four kids (ages 10 through 3) came running out of the home and said, "Our Christmas presents are here".
    I asked if their Mother or Father was home and the answer was no.
    I had a decision to make.
    The way I solved this problem was to ask who was the oldest, even though it was obvious.
    I told her that I would not leave their package, unless she and all the rest promised not open the box without their parents permission.
    They all lined up and swore to me that they would not.
    A few days later, the mother stopped me and thanked me.
    We had a good laugh.
    The eldest daughter was guarding that box like a hen on eggs when Mom got home from work.
    Simple story, but that was 21 years ago and it still makes me remember how serious that young girl took her duty and preformed it.
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    Just the other day I had two children's bikes for a cust. Backed up driveway and went up to the house and went to the door before unloading them. Of course the children came to the door and I asked if I could talk to the parents. After what seemed like an eternity the children came back and said the father was home but he was resting and he would not get up and come to the door because he was tired. So I just unloaded them with the children standing there, put them by the front door driver released them and said good bye.
    What a jerk!
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you had kids you would understand.
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    I once had a delivery where the kids were playing in the front yard. I went to the door and got the mother. I explained the situation and asked for a blanket. She came out to the truck, I covered the box and carried it to the the garage. She couldn't thank me enough.
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    Yeah, it does suck. When I was in delivery and I got one like that, I would usually try to get the customers attention before just plodding up the driveway with it. They were usually very happy for the extra little service, and I just couldn't bring myself to ruin someones Christmas. :happy-very:
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    BB, that probably took 30, maybe 60 seconds, right? The kids had no clue and Christmas morning was a special one for them. Good job!
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    I've had to do similar things many times to "protect" Santa's reputation. Today's version of Suzie Homemaker Kitchen, electric motorcycles, Hot Wheels, too many to remember. Sure it takes a little longer, but to me it's well worth the time to help make someone's Christmas a little Merrier. I even do it in non peek time too, Birthdays should be special too.

    A few years ago I was delivering around 9pm and had one of those fancy stationary bikes to deliver to a resi. The lady of the house came to the door and saw what I had, she quickly looked over her shoulder looking for her husband (the recipient of the gift). Suddenly he appeared, looking over her, he said. " Oh Sweetie, you got me a new clothes rack and beer holder, HOW SWEET OF YOU!"....we all had a good laugh over that.
  11. brownmonster

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    I have kids and I understand. That fact doesn't create more time. Drop and run.
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    If the box had a big picture of the item I would usually leave it on the truck and go to the door and let the parents know the situation. I would offer to take it next door or put it out by their back door. Or give them time to distract the kids so we could get it inside.

    Other times when being "surprised" by inquisitive and leering little ones while already having said package in hand, I would tell the receiver the pkg. was for a neighbor and ask if they could hold it for them.

    I'm all for the drop and go but certain situations like the one mentioned in this thread require a bit more of us than the standard drop and go. Like the older customers who have a difficult time with a heavy pkg. We should set it inside for them. Or helping the disabled,sick,etc get their pkgs. in where they can open them safely.. Or not knocking or ringing the bell at houses where we know kids are napping.

    These are all examples of opportunities that allow of us to prove we are not simply "delivery people". This little bit of customer service can go a long way. It is ,or should be what makes us different from all the other "delivery people".
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    Ya'll are making me feel guilty now. I had a woman come out last nite to get her pkgs (2) and as she was walking back to the house she stopped and put one in her truck. I started laughing. She heard me and turned around with a big smile on her face.
  14. DownsizedUPS'er

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    ok, first of all, you are not a worthless driver. i think it is great that you and others are trying to "save christmas" for the kids. but, i am just thinking out loud here on the delivery of the bikes. and this is a reflection of the remarks about the dad, and not that you d/r the bikes. i don't think you did anything wrong at all. but, as for the remarks on the dad, i am thinking that maybe he works a night shift. my husband works the overnight shift. so when he comes home in the morning he chills for a bit and then goes to sleep, because he has to get up to get work through the night shortly. who knows maybe he was recovering from surgery or something. again, this is more a reflection on the dad remark then on the d/r of the bikes.
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    Just from looking at the title of this thread, I thought it was going to be related to the breast pump I loaded on the package car yesterday.
  16. satellitedriver

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    Lying to a child?

    I wish I would have thought of this trick.
    Cut the label off the pkg,
    those little rug rats learn to read at a young age.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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  18. upsdude

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    Yesterday (24th) I had 5 boxes for one home, bikes, and Barbie this and that. The “Dad” and I quickly moved them into the garage while “Mom” held the kids’ hostage upstairs. As Upstate said, if you have kids you understand. The few extra seconds will have zero impact on the workday and gives the parents a positive UPS story to be told for years to come.
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    I like telling the kids that it's a puppy or a pony, especially when the parent(s) are standing at the door watching me trudge through there unshovelled drive or walkway. That makes me smile.
    Maybe JC PENNEY and other inconsiderate shippers should cover the boxes so that I don't have to conjure up some scheme or plan to save christmas for some stranger and the kids.
    I am a parent,but just a parent to my own child.
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