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  1. krazy

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    I was hired as a temporary pre-loader but got hired as a regular. I NEED braces for myself and was wondering if or how much the dental care covers if anything at all. I know it may vary from place to place but just knowing would be helpful. I work in california if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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    On my plan in New England, part timers get $1,000/year dental max, no orthodontic coverage.
  3. cachsux

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    I believe it is $1500 one time here.
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    When my children got braces, I believe we had to pay half up to $1500. Not too sure, that was a while ago.

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    I believe full timers still get something for orthodontic care. Part timers used to get 1500 or 2k, I forget how much.
    We no longer get that coverage. We just got a few estimates for my daughters braces, ouch this is gonna hurt.
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    That sucks.

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    Ya, it what it is. So I don't get a new motorcycle this year. Need to take care of my monkeys first.

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    We finally got my daughter Invisalign last month. It was only a few hundred more than traditional braces.
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    PT'er in Texas, no annual dental limit (waiting to get pimped by CSP - vs. what I have now), no coverage for braces if over 18, pays out $1,500 for dependents under 18.