Deprogramming of Jar Head Bob

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    Many years ago ups brought in a new division mgr thatbecause of his tattoos and Marines backgroud we nick named Jar Head Bob. One day while visiting his offic as a stewarde following up on a grievance he pulled out a folder and stated that he was concerned about some of theb "negative " things I wrote and distributed to workers. He then produced a current copy of the TDU Conoy Dispatch. He asked me to read anm article in it. The article quoted a leaked memp from the President of Roadway Trucking to all his managers,. It told them that during the next month he wanted increased productivity and reduced costs. Also that he wanted them to use warning letters,suspensions and discharges to kick but on the union workers to comply. THe memo ended with him stating that if any manager lacked the balls to do this then he would be fired.

    After reading it Jar Head Bob asked me if I thought this was a negative type of company and would agree that ups was much better. I responded that Roadway was clearly negative but asked him if he would work for a company like that. JaR head Bob responded that he wouldnt. Then i asked him that if the company had the same intents as this Roadway president but disguised it in positive nice and just sounding terms would he still consider it negative and not want to be part of such a company. Jar head Bob responded that yes it would stillbe negative and he had too much personaL INTEGRITY TO BE A PARTY TO SUCH NI MATTER HOW WORDED OR DISGUISED. tHEN i ASKED HIM WHAT IF THE MEMO0 READ THAT rOADWAY INORDER TO FURTHER THE BEST INTERESTS OF IT;S SHAREHOLDERS,MGMT And its WELL PAuid union employees found it neccessary to increase productivity that month through increased productivity and safe and efficient work methods. also that in order to effectively do so,that workers would be held accountable to working with a sense of urgeny and employing safe and efficient work methods. And finally that mgrs would be held strictly accountable for holding thier people accountable. THen I said 'SEe clearly now? Jar Head Bob nearly turned white faced as he responded "Get out of my office. You are dangherous to talk to" He never did fully look me in the eye after that day.SO mgrs reading this post . dO you see clearly now?
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    Dear saint and I use the word loosely
    I see clearly that you are A NEGATIVE ANTI UPS EMPLOYEE who must enjoy finding faults in everything. Why don't you become a manager and show everyone how to manage. I can see clearly that you will have some lame excuse as to why you wouldn't do that. I can see clearly it is to easy to sit back and take shots at everything you don't like. It is much easier to part of the problem rather than part of the solution. I can see clearly that you will never get off your fanny and help but will always be there waving your anti negative flag. I can also see clearly that you like to set people up. A real above board fair way to deal with people. I can also see clearly that I will ignore the rest of your posts. I love your take charge kind of attitude. Your attitude is what makes managing people a nightmare.
    By the way what branch of the armed forces were you in? I know it wasn't the marines. thats to much of a challange for you.
    I think I have a good nickname for you since you like to put handles on people. How about :censored2:(police are sometimes call dicks)
    since you ike to police what happens with ups and report on the negative.
    I do see you clearly now for what you are, a :censored2:.
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    ir1937, I see you dont like the truth and go on attack rather than face it and do something to correct it.I would be glad to accept a mgmt position as Morals and mgmt integrity director to the Board of Directors. Why dont you write them with your personal reccomendation.At least I am trying to reform an out of contriolnegqative exploitive corporation. What are yopu doing tomake ups a better place to work for the part timers etc rather thqan just better for mgrs /stockholders always at the expense of the workers? I always welcome constructive critisisnm to chech my thoughts and actions . Wil you aNDother not read my posts because like Jar Head Bob you cant look people in the eye when exposed with the non company line raw truth about the UPS yopu are a part of? WAs I being a Dick hesd setting up this division mgr or just using the socratic method od teaching? SHOULD i BE GIVEN THE HEMLOCK TEA? tHE WORKERS i TALK TO EVERY DAY EXPRESS APPRECIATION FOR MY EFFORTS TO HELP THEM. i ACCEPT THIS AS MY REWARD ,BUT MGRS ACCEPT THIER REWARD IN HUGE SALARIES ETC FOR BEING A PART Y TO BOTH A POSITIVE BUT UNFORTUNATELY LARGELY NEGATIVE COMPANY.wHO IS MORE LIKELY TO GET A SPECIAL PLACE IN hEAVEN?
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    I'm sure the man only told you to leave his office in the hopes that the stench would leave with you. Your use of the term "jarhead" is offensive to me, Bob and all other Marines, past and present. You disgust me.

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    I agree Drooler. I'm ex-military myself. This lady is offensive. Additionally, her convoluted writing style makes her posts a complete waste of time to read.
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    I was always rather proud to be called a jarhead, but I'm sure it's the type of pride that Kim would never understand. This woman is completely clueless, and typical of the kind of socialist associated with TDU.
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    I thnk Kim should use a spell