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    What is the DEAL,appears in my ctr they have this device they can plug into the reverse lights,to see how many times you are backing. I seen ctr mgr with a screw driver and said device,taking apart my pkg car.I went to my steward and told him what was going on.:biting:They are doing anything to harrass us .
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    I think you are trolling if everything you say here is what you want us to believe. Every time you "accidentally" put your vehicle in reverse it would "count" as a back then. Anytime the stick got moved to that position while you were finding a gear it would count.

    Also, think about the people that drive automatics. EVERY TIME they put their car in DRIVE it would cycle through reverse and turn the lights on. That would be about 150 backs a day! lol.
  3. drewed

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    its in the contract, deal with it
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    Is this back necessary?
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    It's true; they use them at our center. We are told it is an awareness thing to bring attention to the number of times that we are backing up. It's amazing how much the number goes up on the second day after we are told the counter was installed:wink2:. By the way, it gets screwed into the back up lights and counts every time power goes to that socket. I've never seen nor heard of one being put on an automatic.
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    Wow, what a constructive reply to this thread.

    In fact you have covered all the bases to any hypothetical situation anyone may have who posts on this forum with the phrase we all love to hear everyday, "deal with it."

    Wonderful, so now when I leave work, I can log onto the brown cafe and read the same empty rhetoric I hear when I'm at work!

    So thank you drewed, I appreciate you opening that can of worms, but don't worry about it, I'll deal with it.
  7. SmithBarney

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    Just make sure you put it into reverse a couple 100 times..
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    I thought that they all had this device already. My route has a lot of dock stops on it, it is a wonder they haven't said something to me. Although, I have a feeling it is just to make you aware of how many times you are backing.

    Who knows though, there is always a hot issue they are "cracking down on."

    Lately in no particular order hot issues have been...

    1. Exception 2 errors

    2. Coding out lunch correctly

    3. Knowing word for word the 10 point commentary.

    4. Proper uniform code

    I'm sure it is like this everywhere.
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  10. 02hawk

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    Thankyou Cino321,That was a dismal reply.
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    I had it done to me....they said i backed about 80 times aday...I then told them you can subtract about 8-10 backs because those were me trying to get out of the building in the morning..they are just letting you aware of how many times you back...blah blah blah
  12. drewed

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    the point was its in the agreed upon language you cant bitch that the companys out to get you when your teamster bargaining team agreed to it
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    Thanks for the info. I guess it makes sense if they don't put them on autos. Also, it makes sense for informational purposes for the driver. I guess if they are OK with guys throwing it reverse 200 times just to mess the numbers up it isn't as serious as the TS had me believing.

    I am getting the impression this is not about disciplinary action, but more about info purposes for the drivers.
  14. soberups

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    Whatever data they gather with the device could not be used for disciplinary purposes anyway---there is nothing in the contract that states we are forbidden from backing the vehicle up. Its just a number. There is no reason for us as drivers to be worried about it. The bottom line is that UPS owns the package car and they can stick whatever gizmos they choose on it.
  15. atatbl

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    What if they stuck the stick shift in the middle of the seat? Would you still "ride" it then?

    lol.... sorry couldn't resist.
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    Count my backs all you want.
    No power steering on a P5, with the turning radius of a cruise ship, tends to make one do a ten point turn instead of a 3 point.
    Meth heads that live a half mile back in the woods do not bother to build driveways or cut any trees around the trailer that was moved in 2 decades ago.
    I counted one time a 15 point turn to get out of one hellhole while the "owner" was yelling from the trailer, "Ya better not hit any of my trees or I will sue UPS."
    Count my backs, I really could care less.
  17. Pkgrunner

    Pkgrunner Service Provider

    I would always take the path of least resistance and either back all the way in or out no matter the distance--less wear and tear on the shoulders. I hate the nasty ones with a lot of switchbacks, or the ones that are too steep to get any traction in reverse. The ironic thing is--once I got power steering, I got left shoulder pain from doing the one handed 15 point turns in driveways/easements I used to just backed into.
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    What article is backing devices? I never saw that in the master.
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    Seemed like a pretty good reply to me. Just what is your problem with it?
  20. trplnkl

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    As far as what is agreed upon in the contract, let's not get too riled up over anyone not liking any certain article. As I understand it, the company isn't too happy with the over 9.5 language. So, we can bitch about anything we please.