DHL cuts more jobs

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    DHL is history, Everymorning at the PCM our center manager keeps telling us to scoop up more DHL leads. But I never even saw a DHL truck on my route. No woner they went under. :happy-very:
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    I always would run into Airborne (and later DHL) drivers who used to laugh about how easy they had it. One driver I knew used to work for UPS. They all would brag about how they only made a few dollars an hour less than us, got the same benefits (they were Teamsters) and never worked anywhere as hard as we did. I guess the old saying is right. He who laughs last, laughs the loudest.
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    now only if this would happen to fedex.....
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    BASED ON THE CONVERSATION I had with the fed-ex guy on my route. Fed-ex has a lot of problems Fred-ex wont talk about. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED to hear some very bad news from Fed-Ex within the next six months to a year. Seriously.
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    We are hounded daily about DHL leads. I rarely even see a DHL pickup. The one time I did find one I told a sales guy in person about it and he basically ignored me. He just said "turn in a lead" and walked away. No thanks, I'll let than guy go find them himself.

    So as I see it, sales leads are a way for the sales staff to not only pawn off their work onto us but also a buffer between us and them so they don't have to talk to a driver.
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    With the money Fedex is paying out in fines and back taxes, I can imagine some nervous people in their upper mgmnt. Also, their practice of insisting on long-term contracts with their customers could come back to bite them as they can't renegotiate to cover their new costs. ( it's possible, I suppose, that they would have "escape clauses" built into their contracts) Anyway, with the downturn in shipping, and the upturn in costs, they could be hitting the perfect storm.
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    I feel bad for the DHL employees losing jobs over this. :sad-little:
    I know they are our competitor but there is still the human aspect.

    My brother works for Chrysler and they will be put out on Dec. 19th. Doors shut for good.
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    There's DHL drivers and inside emloyees that are same union/local as our area UPS's. If they're laid off, they'll bump UPS guys down (including me and other juniors). Is that not logical?
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    Can they come for UPS jobs?
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    No, they can't bump a UPS employee and take their job.
  13. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Why not? (seriously, I don't know)
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    That's a double edge sword, I really hate if for those whom will loose their jobs at DHL (anyone for that matter). I know here where I'm located jobs are few and far between because of layoffs I hear of new ones almost daily.

    It's good for UPS of coarse and that's business hopefully we will get some of that volume. I myself have turned in a few sales leads and have enjoyed reaping the rewards. I worry about my fellow upsers along with myself @ the 1st of the year as-well for layoffs. :peaceful:
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    media reports about 18,000 for total employees.
    First cut was for 4500
    New cut is for 9500.
    Just what are the last 4000 going to be doing.

    And yes many former upsers , mgt & hourly are DHL employees. I know that the locals have no jobs open. Its going to be a rather bad holiday season ahead.
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    Because they don't work at UPS.
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    Monday, November 10, 2008 - 9:31 AM EST | Modified: Monday, November 10, 2008 - 9:44 AM
    DHL to drop domestic shippingAtlanta Business Chronicle
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    DHL announced Monday morning that beginning Jan. 30, it will close U.S. ground hubs and focus on international shipping in the United States.

    DHL’s parent, Deutsche Post World Net, said in a news release that it will close its U.S. ground hubs, reduce its stations to 103 from 412, and eliminate an additional 9,500 jobs. It didn't provide details on the fate of specific operations.

    Earlier this year, DHL Express reported plans to use Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) for its U.S. cargo operations. The company had said in May that it would scale back its U.S. parcel delivery operations and outsource its U.S. air cargo operations to UPS’ hub in Louisville, Ky., but the Monday announcement indicates the two shippers were not able to reach an agreement.

    The job-cut toll will likely be high in Wilmington, Ohio, where ABX Air and ASTAR Air Cargo currently provide air cargo transport services for DHL, and ABX operates DHL’s privately owned airport, Wilmington Air Park.

    “This is the right move for our U.S. Express operations given the current economic climate and for the long run,” said John Mullen, global CEO for DHL Express, in the release.

    One less competitor next year!
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    DHL is eliminating U.S. domestic express shipping by land and air so they're shutting down all of its DHL Express service centers...
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    they hit the ground running - but could never get any traction
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    The end of DHL's domestic operations could actually save FedEx. I know we just got the Dell account back, and the scramble for their volume has just begun between us and UPS. I know that they only had a small portion of the express business, but these days, every little bit counts. I do feel bad for the ketchup and mustard drivers, but they had to know this was coming.