Cuts deeper than promised!

Pullman Brown

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Settle down Chicken Little

In just my career

⬇️Fall 1997-spring 1998 ; job cuts due to strike, volume loss
⬆️1999-2000 ; driver hiring spree ; picked up volume, driver retirements after UPS going public
⬇️Fall 2001 through 2002 ; job cuts due to 9/11, EDD
⬆️2003 ; driver hiring spree due to recovered volume
⬇️2008 ; routes cut, housing crash, hiring freeze
⬆️2011 ; routes added, recession ended, volume returned
⬆️2020-22 ; Covid scare, economic freeze, volume exploded, mass hirings
⬇️Fall 2023 ; Teamster strike scare, volume loss and pushing work through automated hubs


Pee Bottle

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I agree only because the hate is for the wrong reasons and misdirected. All the hate should be directed at Washington because,

if you get rid of all the welfare, the ones that actually work will be the only ones remaining while the parasites and sponges will leave and there will be no need to kick anyone out.
Every person who has come here since the 1965 immigration and naturalization act, including their family members, must be deported back to the countries they came from or this country is in fact so over.


Only way outs inna box
Cuts will be deeper than promised. Not just management cuts, but also routes eliminated and never to come back, buildings eliminated permanently. Every job loss is a loss to our company be it management, driver, preloaders. Everyone wants the same. A decent family life and to achieve something. What’s happening to the company!?! Hundreds left last week across the globe. Same will keep happening at ALL levels.
Ya and routes can be made just off of eliminating surepost, Hashtag best contract ever…..