DIAD 3 compared to DIAD 4

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    I recently went through package car driver training. I was trained on the DIAD at the center where I work. The center put me on the DIAD 3 session, and mid way through I was informed that I would be using the DIAD 4 on the job. What is the big difference in the boards and the way they function. I know that the DIAD 4 has been updated with the EDD program, and I have seen the print out for it. What I don't know is how to use it, or the difference in functions between the two boards. I start on car training and qualifying in a couple weeks. I wish I knew what I was doing, because driving for the company has been my dream and goal for 5 years now. Here's my opportunity and I don't want to blow it.
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    Why would they train you on DIAD 3 and half way thru tell you that you will be usind 4?
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    you haven't been at UPS long have you...:happy-very:
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    Wrong- 22 years.
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    Well for starters the numbers and letters share some common buttons and there's a button that toggles between numbers and letters. I don't know if the diad 3 had bluetooth but from the looks of it, it doesn't. Don't know if it's just me but the scanner works a hell of a lot better. Anyway, I'm just an air driver so i don't really get to use the EDD function but during the class they are supposed to have the diad 4 CBT that gets into all the technical stuff.

    Anyways, the little things i do know about EDD. EDD sets up your day stop for stop, given you don't know the route, you will follow it pretty much the whole time. EDD allows you to scan a package and it will display the info on the screen instead of manually typing it. ( Though you have to enter the apt/ste # right?) It has a notes function that comes in handy if the stop has special instructions. Anyways, your on car sup will help you out hopefully and getting comfortable with it. I think that its pretty dumb that they gave you training on the diad 3, that thing is freaking ugly ( but sometimes more convenient when it comes to messed up barcodes :D).
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    i was trained on car with a diad 4 then when christmas came around they gave me diad 3 and said its the same just the buttons are lay out different. The only problem i had was getting EDD i did not know about the IR PORT because no one took the time to tell me... that and the back space
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    The reason why he is trained on diad 3 and not 4, is because in training the computer software uses the old diad 3, which I was trained on and I'm willing to bet that they never updated the training software that the new guys use on the computers in the training classes. Most likely someone higher up believes it would cost too much to update it, so they just stick with the old software.
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    Same here.
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    Don't worry about DIAD III or IV. Learn to use one and the other will fall into place they are both running the same program. The key placement is differant from board to board but if you learn how to use the program you'll be fine.
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    Last Christmas was the first time I ever used the DIAD 3. I have to agree with Johney.
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    I haven't used one in a while but I used them a lot when I first started Saturday air. I liked them a lot more than the DIAD 4 do to the fact you did not have to switch from alpha to numerals. That was a big deal on Saturdays when ALL your stops(usually 30 or so)are overrides.

    The last time I used one though, I couldn't get ever the bulkiness of it. It felt funny handing this gargantuan thing to a customer when getting a signature. I still here people complain about the DIAD 4 on occasion. They say it's really heavy. I tell them it's almost indestructable also. Lets see what happens to those puny FedEx ones if they drop it:wink2:
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    We use the Diad 3 as a helper board during peak season. I have been using the diad 4 for so long now that the alpha numeric key doesn't slow me down at all anymore. Also the Diad 4 scans alot faster and processes the information quicker. I to like how it is smaller than the boat anchor diad 3. As said earlier, just learn to use one or the other, they both have the same concept and are similar with the controls.
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    just curious,I've never used a diad 4 and I just wondered if they work the same way as far as cod's go.
    In my truck today,I had 3 multiple piece and one single piece deliveries to the same address.all cod's.The dude with the cash is at a meeting,so I have to bundle each delivery,and select nm1 and move on to the next shipper,select nmi,etc...
    Is it less complicated in diad 4?
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    I still hate diad 4
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    you must of been driving before this electronic crap came into existance....oh yeah, did I mention diad 4 they can track you via gps!!!! another tool to micro manage the back bone of this company...if you go under option 6 communications then push option 8 (I know there is no option 8) but if you push it it will bring you to a screen with all kinds of garbage on it with latitude and longitude which is accurate right down to the millionenth!!
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    Diad 4 will slow you down a little as you learn it. The keyboard a radically different from the first 3 versions. Because of the toggle key.there is no smooth progression from 3 to4. What's more important, the handle on Diad 2 & 3 are firmly attached to th body. I've sent many a dog running off with a well placed blow to the chops. I tried it with Diad 4 and the handle came off. It only made the dog madder. That made my run for the truck swifter and surer.
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    Well, with diad 3 you can get to a point where you don`t have to think to use it, your thumbs just fly and everything goes smooth. diad 4 is a different story even after 2 years of using it I still hit snags it does not operate smooth. its on account of the dam shift key where they have
    2 functions with 1 key. for instance just to type in a tracking number that wont scan you will be typing it in then a letter will be typed instead of the number you wanted or a number will
    be typed instead of the letter you wanted because that certain key will type a number or a letter depending on if the shift key is activated or not. you may have to activate and deactivate the shift key 2 or 3 time in the course of typing in a single tracking number, you easily loose track of if the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: key is activated or not. what I hate most is the dam F key that doubles as a delete key. I cant count the times that I was typing in a response to a message or just a tracking number just to have the whole thing get deleted because I wanted to type in the letter F but the shift key was on so it deleted everything instead. also when I driver release a package and hit F for front door screen if the shift key is active it will ask me if I want to delete the stop instead. I can go on but I think you get the idea. its a pain in the :censored2:
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    You don't have the Findbc (find barcode) feature yet???
    On ares if you scan something and it won't scan, you have the option of pressing the f5 soft key and the only thing you have to do is enter 4 digits of the barcode and hit enter...but you have to have EDD to do so.