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Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by BlueToBrown920, Dec 12, 2015.

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    I learned how to remove a package from your DIAD if it's not on your PC by going to the DETAILS soft key then the NOT FOUND soft key. This is nice for cleaning up the board so I don't have to keep looking at missing packages; however, my center has us write the missing packages in a book during Inside PM. Is there a way to find those stops/packages again after they've been removed?
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    Yes, call your centers Oms and ask them to give you the tracking number. Three things moving forward, send in a missing pkg message at the stop, don't use the not found soft key until you check out, and write down the tracking number of the missing pkg at the stop.
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    We are no longer allowed to use Not Found in my center anymore. We were instructed to leave the missing work in the board and send in a message as soon as we are sure we don't have the package
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    We aren't even allowed to use Not Found when we get back to the center. We were instructed to answer no when it asks if EDD work was completed before punching out. We were told using that not found key puts the package in some sort of limbo where it looks on a report like it missing. Just working as directed.