Did the intial interview, so how do I convey that I want the job?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Needle Ran, May 21, 2014.

  1. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    I'm going on that tour thingy a few weeks from now, so I'm still assuming I'm not hired as of yet, but I need this job right now more than anything as I don't care to go back into retail again, and this is the only part-time position that has the shifts I prefer year round.

    So is there anything I should not say or stay away from? I can't afford to screw this up.
  2. Go Brown Or Go Home!

    Go Brown Or Go Home! Active Member

    Your breathing, walking, and talking. Theres the requirements. Well as long as you dont tell someone to shove it youll be fine.

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  3. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    lol, I hope you're right. It sure looked that way from looking at other employees.

    But it's obvious they look for something when they decide to hire on the spot or send you home to give you the jerk around, and in my current situation, I truly can't afford the latter.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Go Brown Or Go Home!

    Go Brown Or Go Home! Active Member

    To get in is simple its you keeping yourself there. Show up everyday and thats pretty much it. Dont be a douche. Then after you make seniority then its up to you were you want to be or go at ups if thats what you desire.

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  5. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    That's my plan. I just hope they don't think I'm full of crap when I say I want to stay there for a few years and move up. I heard from employees in the parking lot that they're replacing a sh#t load of people who quit, so hopefully I can be one of the "lucky" few who replaces one of them.

    It doesn't seem that much off from lugging around boxes for a local retailer, so if they pull the trigger, I'm in.

    I just hope I don't break my back in the process.
  6. Go Brown Or Go Home!

    Go Brown Or Go Home! Active Member

    Theres alot of people that say they want to stay for years until they work there first day. Then you never see them again. You can express that you want to be there for a long time. They like to hear that. Just be serious and youll be fine. Hope it all works out for you.

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  7. Go Brown Or Go Home!

    Go Brown Or Go Home! Active Member

    Oh one mote thing the tour is so YOU can see whats In store. If you did the initial interview and going for tour then you should be good to go unless, like I said before, you act like a douche.

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  8. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    What job?
  9. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    learn how to spell "initial"...might be a jumping off point
  10. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member


    Thanks, and yeah, I hear is back breaking work, but I did retail stock over the holiday season and it was an 8 hour shift with only a small break, so it couldn't be much worse...(or so I hope). Hopefully I can at least make it past the 30 day point. Once that happens, I'm pretty sure I can stick it out.

    I can't really afford to just up and quit a job at this point anyway.

    So it's essentially my job to lose then. I can handle it if that's the case. I just need to be sure before I invest in the steel toe boots required for the job.

    I'd hate to get all excited when they're still going through the hiring process.

    Gotta love people who go right after spelling errors. I'll edit it if it'll make you happy, K?
  11. QualityLoads

    QualityLoads Active Member

    In my tour group... if you didnt ask a question, you were sent home.
  12. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    Interesting. I guess I better come up with a few then, lol.

    I know they don't want people who'll just quit, but that seems like a bit much. People who don't ask a question probably just don't want to ask anything that makes them look dumb.
  13. Go Brown Or Go Home!

    Go Brown Or Go Home! Active Member

    Ask them if you can take a quick spin in a car to see if itll cut a cookie in the center! For sure your in ; p

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  14. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    Actually, that's the first one that came to mind.[​IMG]

    And I'll be sure to update this thread if anything happens, good or bad. For now, I think I'm all but hired, but I have seen people left hanging for awhile with them on a few occasions after hitting this part of the process, so I'll have to wait and see.
  15. 30 to life

    30 to life Active Member

    Start to flex like the Hulk and say me like cardboard
  16. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    Not even sure what to say to that, but here's a random Hulk gif

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also one more general thing: is this tour going to be for a full shift or just for a half hour? And should I prepare for more interview questions and wear work boots?

    I don't have a working computer at home, so I won't be able to reply to this until after the holiday. So thanks to everyone that replied.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The tour will not be for an entire shift. Dress comfortably---khakis and a polo shirt would be fine. Don't be afraid to ask questions during the tour but don't try to interact with any of the hourlies. If you are afraid of hard word and don't like getting dirty this is not the job for you.
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  18. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    You replied right before the place I was posting from (a library) was closing, outstanding timing, no joke.

    I'm also a lot less jittery about it than I was before, so I honestly can't thank you all enough.

    My fingers are crossed that they just confirm the hiring on the spot or at least in a few days.
  19. Rgt85

    Rgt85 New Member

    You should see the genius' that work at the hub. Say "I want money" and I'm sure you will have the job.
  20. Needle Ran

    Needle Ran Member

    You'd think so, but I live close to big city (not going to say which one as that might give it away) so I'm sure they literally have thousands of people willing to do the work which means they have a weeding out process, I'm just trying to make sure I didn't get the tail end of it.

    Anyway, did the tour and didn't ask a question because the guy before me stole my thunder and I thought making up a question that would have been dumb probably would have made me stand out for all the wrong reasons, so I kept my mouth shut. They told us to call back for a start date in which I'm waiting a call back on now.

    I hope like hell I'm not getting the old jerk around as I saw that more appointments are open for the shift I chose. There were seriously tons of people there, so I hope that's not a sign that I wasn't what they were looking for.

    But then again, it might just be.