Dissecting A Pack of Lies About Peak

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. MrFedEx

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    Smith and Bronczek have been telling the transportation industry press that all of the talk about a systemic meltdown during Peak was overblown. They blame fallout from the problems at UPS, fault shippers for improper labeling and telling customers that packages were in the FedEx system when they weren't, and that poor packaging contributed to any issues with damaged packages. According to them, 99% of packages were delivered on-time. Let's analyze this, OK?

    1. UPS was a convenient fall-guy. Even though the FedEx problems were far more severe than those at UPS, FedEx took the low road and claims they essentially had no problems. Pure lie.

    2. Who supplies the software and proprietary shipping systems that large shippers utilize to ship with FedEx. Why, that would be FedEx itself. Massive lie.

    3. Damaged packages. True that Amazon is not known for quality packaging, but when your box is smashed beneath a 6-foot deep pile of packages on a ramp slide, and then crushed when a handler throws a 75 pound box on top of it, all the packaging in the world isn't going to help. Or if your box is sitting in a puddle of water for 3-4 days. Partial lie.

    4. 99% on-time? HUGE EFFING LIE!! Besides the late planes, volume dictated many stations turning away freight due to fully loaded container decks or an absolute inability to deliver more packages. Even now, how could we possibly be doing 99%, with the constant late freight?

    Blaming the customer, and perpetuating such huge lies speaks volumes about the integrity of FedEx and it's leadership. They have none, and their statements should be considered accordingly. FedEx is a company that lies constantly to both customers and employees, and is corrupt to the core.
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  2. bbsam

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    Yes, but everyone but you has moved on. Might be time you thought about doing the same.
  3. MrFedEx

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    They want it buried...I don't. Obviously, as a company man, you'd also like to pretend nothing happened. And now, they're lying like rugs to the industry press.
  4. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    I know. Lets start a Whitehouse poll!
  5. prodriver

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    MFE even if it was not up to par this past peak business is still booming so the shippers haven't gone anywhere in fact at my station we are 18% higher in volume than this time last year.
  6. Doc Sorting Dude

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    In our lastest frontline they say this will be an even busier peak season. Yes, the "Fallguy" UPS took attention off us us and onto them. It's like we have a mulligan and saving our excuse for a certain fail this upcoming peak season. 99% delivery rate? Who has that kind of delivery success nationwide? Like George Bush says "Fool the people once, same on you. Fool the people twice....uh...uh...Well..We won't be fooled again!"
  7. FedExRookie

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    1. UPS wasn't a 'fall guy' I was still waiting in line, up to 4 hours, at a UPS pick up location the 2nd week of January. They deserved all the blame they got.

    2. Huh?

    3. I've seen the packages in puddles of water, but this isn't anything special to this peak. I'm not saying it's ok, this is why I don't ship with anyone if rain is in the forecast.

    4. I'll agree, while I know of at least 15 stations (My district and others) that only had a handful of packages left in the building after 12/28, I am sure 99% is probably exaggerated by Corporate. Just realize that for every warehouse you saw with packages being left overnight, people like me had areas that barely had any and were delivered by that Saturday. I'm in one of the biggest districts, and have family and friends in major districts for express, and overall the warehouses weren't that packed with left over packages.

    Peak was bad for ALL parcel companies, you have a better shot at focusing on damaged packages and lates (seems like a really bad year across all 50 states) in general. So customers have to pick between two companies that couldn't handle the volume, it's not like UPS gave them any reason to pick them over FedEx or USPS. 3 visits (3.5 hrs, 4 hrs, 2 hrs) to UPS had me standing in long lines to get my packages that had been out on the road several times, but hadn't been delivered. Mine were on the road (2, 3, 1)
  8. MrFedEx

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    I know you're leaving soon. Why is that if FedEx is so great? All companies lie and spin the facts, but this one has the rest of them beat by a country mile. Why doesn't anyone challenge Smith and Bronczek with some facts? It's like it never happened, at least according to them.
  9. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    I was curious if anyone knows our average on-time delivery percentage? For some reason 98.something% keeps popping in my head. If that is the true number, it seems to me that it's friggin impossible for us to hit 99% at Peak but can only hit 98% the rest of the year. If any one knows better than I, please do correct me.
  10. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    The percentage is whatever they say it is. Just like the SFA, any number they want becomes "fact".
  11. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Very true. But I'd still like to know what our "normal" is.
  12. CJinx

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    A trick right out of your playbook, no doubt. You should sue for infringement.
  13. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    You should write more letters to all of the newsmag shows and get them to investigate all of these horrible things.
  14. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    I'm glad that bitter people with agendas never do that.
  15. HomeDelivery

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    it's APRIL already... we all know Express drops the ball yet again!

    let's just wait and see if they'll learn from Ground/ HD and get a plan rolling starting Sept/Oct for this upcoming peak...

    volume is not dropping that much from peak levels & my local hub is already adding supplementals before the regular drivers burn out. hope those contractors can make management turn them into real routes by that time...

    the cheaper regional 3rd party courier companies are starting now to recruit more people for Amazon... i'm guessing because once an owner/operator figures the expenses vs income of driving their own white delivery vehcile, most will quit.
  16. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    What is your agenda, Shill?
  17. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    No. I'm just surprised that whatever Smith and his cronies say happened is taken as gospel. Anyone who actually works in a station (not you) is fully aware how bad Peak 2013 was, and also how it hasn't really improved much since then.
  18. FedExRookie

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    I love how you complain about FedEx twisting words to fit their agenda, while you are here doing the same thing. When did I say FedEx is a great company? I think MOST of corporate America is giving the finger to the workforce, profits are high and pay is lower.

    Why am I not staying? I agree that FedEx is no longer a career for anyone that has entered within the past 8 to 12 years, anyone older than that has no reason to complain IMHO. All the "newer" guys are getting the poop end of the stick. Besides it not being a career job anymore, I never wanted to work doing physical labor for the rest of my life. So I went to school, got a job to help people, and that is what i will be doing.
  19. MrFedEx

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    You seem to be defending their actions, as in "everyone else is doing it, so why not FedEx?" Well, everyone is not doing it. What peeves me about FedEx is that they twist everything to fit their agenda, which means lying all the time to try and prop up an image that no longer exists. In spite of overwhelming evidence that service has suffered enormously,and that both customers and employees are unhappy, FedEx pretends it's still 1982, where everything got there absolutely, positively, overnight and employees actually cared about customers and their packages. Not true.
  20. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    If all that were true, you'd think there would be massive movements inside and outside the company forcing it to move back toward what it once was. There aren't. Everybody else has moved on to the somewhat depressing new normal that you insist doesn't exist.