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    The continuing strong cash flow and its positive earnings are the reason for this.Hope the stock continues to rise[​IMG]
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    And don't forget this:

    "The Board, meeting at a regularly scheduled session, also raised to $1 billion its authorization for the repurchase of Class A and Class B shares, up from a roughly $500 million balance from a previous authorization."

    That sure won't hurt the stock price.
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    <font color="0077aa"><font size="+1">All this and the tax on dividends was reduced this year!</font></font> [​IMG]
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    maybe the promotions will start flowing again soon.
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    <font color="0000ff">Nice to see this board talking about UPS stock again.
    By the way, UPS increased Div 32% this year and FredX stock is up to $67.+
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    ups share price lags fdx so much is because of gross mismanagement. ups still thinks they are the top dogs meanwhile fdx and airborne are blowing them away.about time management wakes up before its all gone.
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    Hey disgstdrvr
    Wake up and look at the facts. UPS v FedEx is no choice. Balance sheet, productivity, longterm vision. Airbourne (ne: German post) doesn't make money. UPS is way up.
    FedEx is up because its cannabalizing its air volume to go to ground. Not a good trade if you ask me.
    I guess you're a UPS driver, if so, look at FedEx's impoverished "contractors" and their plight in life. They too could be teamsters.
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    Seems as soon as ups stock approaches 65 big insider sell orders take over. Thats because of the insiders selling; its public record. Tells you what little faith our over compensated, underachiever managers have in the growth of our company. Maybe its time the powers that be cut back on the way too generous bonuses, as they are obviously not deserved. Ask the customers what they think of the managers, I beleive those polls were taken in the past and we all know the response. If upper management would act responsibly by getting rid of all the dead wood you would see some real advance in profits and stock value!!!!!
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    Had you taken the time to investigate before opening your mouth, you would have seen (public record) that in the last 2 months a Director and a Senior VP PURCHASED UPS stock. The only listed sale was from the Annie Casey Foundation, which is not an insider. There is NO insider selling going on.

    Isn't it funny how some people feel that anyone earning more than them is over compensated and they are under compensated? I guess it's an ego thing and their feelings of self importance.

    Can you provide a link to this phantom pole you speak about, Or is this another figment of your imagination?

    It appears disgstdrve is an under performing driver who has a grudge against his supervisor and manager because they have the nerve to expect him to perform at an accetable level.
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    its amazing when I read the follow up posts I can always tell which ones are from management. They all have the same response--no clue what is going on out on the street with the customers!!!! Come out of your hiding spots in your little cubicles once in awhile,visit some customers and see what really goes on.
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    Thanks for the shot at management. Its really a simple issue that your now trying to muddy. Tells us what big insiders have sold large blocks of stock and driven the price down.
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    To be informed with facts is something no one can dispute. There have been only two sales since 2001.

    Now if you really want to see some sales try FDX. Insiders within FDX have been taking millions off the table. Gee - I wonder why. Could it be that within the next 3 qtr thier ground business will see a reversal of prior gains at the expense of the UPS last contract loss of volume? Lets hope this is what the insider at FDX see coming and why they are selling high. If UPS and the Teamsters ever again have another strike there will be many 20+ year drivers working at UPS and none with less than 20. Those with less than 20 will be trying to get (buy) a job with FDX ground for half the pay and no benefits because they will have to follow the volume loss to UPS. You guy both non-management and management work hard for the good bucks you get and I want you all to keep on making those big bucks TOGETHER as ONE. Lets just remember who pay you - the customer who want his package delivered on time and not damaged. Also a smile would be nice.