do part-timers get overtime?

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  1. i work preload and ususally get 6 hours everyday. a part-time sup at work told me we get overtime after 5 hours, and then i asked my full-time sup and he said part-time preload doesnt get overtime unless they do ride along or something and work over 8 hours. so whats the truth. this part-time sup isnt the only person that told me that we get over-time after 5 hours either. thanks for your help.--brad
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    I think overtime varies by state. I don't know, ask your shop steward. In Calif. I believe p/t overtime kicks in after 30 hrs. or something. I usually get around 25 hrs. a week so I don't know for sure. Ask the steward and compare with what mgmt. tells you.
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    Brad, O/T varries by state but also by you local supplement. For full timeers in PA the law says over 40. The contract say over 8 in anyday or 40 in any week. For part-timers in PA the law is the same. The contract, I am told gives them o/t after 5 in a day. This does not apply to article 22 dual position part time/full time people. The best thing to do is ask you shop stewart or a full time stewart. If they don't know, call your local and speak to a business agent for UPS.
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    Here in Maryland, anything over 5 hours in a day is overtime for us part-timers. Essentially, over 25 hours in a work week.
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    Down here in FL it's OT after 5 hrs, if you go over 8 hours in a single shift then you lose then OT and it's straight pay, learned that the hard way last year.
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