Do seasonal months count towards seniority?

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    I've been at UPS since November but haven't payed any kind of union dues since I was seasonal. Now that I'm permanent (and I assume my next check will start deducting union initiation fees) will I be eligible for the health benefits in 4 months from now because of the 2 seasonal months I have under my belt or do I have to wait 6 months from now?
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    This all depends on the wording in your local supplement and the date you started. In my area your seniority date reverts back to the day I started. Peak did not count toward getting seniority. I started in Oct.and did not gain seniority until Jan. Then my seniority date was the day I started in Oct. Hope this helps.:happy2:
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    Here we are eligible for health etc benefits once initiation is paid in full, to my knowledge. Takes 4 months
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    If you are willing to disclose the local or the state you live in, perhaps you could get better feedback.
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    If you are part-time, and if you are to be covered by the UPS plan (and not a Teamsters plan,) then you will have to wait one year, and your dependants will have to wait 18 months for health coverage.

    Section 2. Part-Time Medical Coverage
    Part-time employees covered by a Teamster Health and Welfare Fund will continue to be covered by those funds.

    (a) Notwithstanding Section 1(d) above, effective January 1, 2008 health and welfare coverage for all part-time employees on the payroll at that time and those hired thereafter will be provided pursuant to the terms of an Employer sponsored nationwide health care plan, namely, the UPS National Health Plan for Part-Time Employees. (A copy of the Summary Plan Description will be provided.) Features of the plan will include a prescription card. This paragraph shall supersede any provisions on the same subject in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum, including those Supplemental provisions which require part-time benefits to be equal to or the same as fulltime medical benefits.

    (b) Notwithstanding Section 1(d) above or any contrary provision in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum, (i) individual health coverage will be made available to part-time employees hired after August 1, 2008 after twelve (12) months of active employment and (ii) spousal or dependant coverage will be made available to these part-time employees eighteen (18) months after their initial date of employment.
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    In my area it reads:

    Employees hired for temporary job openings from Oct 1 through Dec 31 will not accrue seniority during that period and such job openings shall not be posted for bid during that period. If returned to work within (60) days after that period, they shall be placed on the seniority list with credit back to their employment dates, providing they have met all other requirements for seniority.
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    It means that your seniority cannot be gained during the free period but if your called back within 60 days it will revert back to the date of hire for your seniority date, which in turn should mean all the time worked as seasonal should count towards your time to acrue benefits. As JonFrum showed it is diferent depending on your local agreement as to how long that will be.
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    I work at the Horsham, PA facility. Thanks everyone for the input. I've been told there it's 6 months until I'm eligible for health benefits, but I really hope it isn't 1 year for non-Teamster employees at my location. I was really looking forward to getting them in 4-6 months. I work 20 hours a week if that helps.
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    I was told 6 months for individuals and 1 year for dependents but I should add that they were unofficial sources. I'm now reading up on though and it does seem like it will be 1 year for me =(. I'm still hoping it's 6 months though lol
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    The 12 and 18 months are for those covered by a company insurance plan. If you are covered by a Teamster plan your wait time may be shorter.
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    Oh ok thanks. I will be in a union but not Teamsters (don't know what it's called yet, it's for the workers out in the yard apparently)
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    You will be a Teamster. When you qualify for insurance you will receive paper work in the mail. If you have question ask your HR rep they can help you better then we can.