Do what i tell you to, and file on it later

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  1. ogrelord

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    and from what i understand you really have no choice unless it's a safety issue. any one else run into these types of managment slogans from there sups?
  2. trickpony1

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    I've been around 28 years.
    I've heard many "slogans" but do I want to contribute them as fodder (oops!, I used a big word) for some supervisors repertoire (oops!, another big word)?

    Probably not.
  3. moreluck

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    Trick.....put the Thesaurus're going to confuse us all.
  4. ogrelord

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    fodder= people considered as readily available and of little value.

    or toilet papper is bunghole fodder.

    i've never thought of my self as fodder untill you posted that trick. i think less of my self now. ups doesn't care if i work for them as long as the package gets there... sucks to be the little guy :crying:
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    actually it's better than a slogan and it's a more effective way to utilize your rights.......I have taken several labor related seminars (link follows) and have learned much from others who have "been there done that"..........this is how they walked me through it.....mgt. tells you to do something you disagree with, since it happens all the time and your personal relations skills are not up to par because your PO'd, it leads to a verbal disagreement, things are said, things get heated, you end up doing "whatever" regardless......and lose sight of the original issue, you file the grievence, but part of the battle is already lost because according to mgt. you "became argumentitive" "refused to work as directed" "became insubordinate"......... all of which are debatable....if you "work now, grieve it later/document everything" (as we were taught) it goes down much differently, you demonstrate what rule they violated, mgt. states that yes "whoever" did work as directed, and the violation remains the issue.....
    School for Workers
  6. come on!.. everyone has a fodder and a modder too!
  7. rod

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    I like to old slogans about management like " if their lips are moving - they are lying".
  8. DS

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    Usually,but not always,the do as you`re told line is aimed at people that have been causing trouble.IE...calling for help every day,getting in the faces of management,missing deliveries etc...but a lot of it is due to recently promoted management that think they can change the world.I`ve seen lots of guys get fired for stupid things,only to be rehired a year later with full pay on the grounds of harassment.
    UPS say they promote from within,but they also promote from without.
  9. hoser

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    very good advice.

    i disagree with the "democratic" workplace crap in the link. workplaces are not democracies. they shouldn't be democracies. if they were democracies they'd exist for the benefit of the employees. workplaces exist to make profit. not benefit employees.
  10. DorkHead

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    Work as directed, file grevience later. I often try to point out a better, more efficient solution when I`m directed to do something that seems moronic or wasteful. Of course this hardly ever works so I end the discussion with " If you got the money, I got the time " This usually makes them very mad.