If you are UPS CEO, what would you do?

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What would you do to make the rank-and-file workers happy and yet making big profit at UPS?

You could each of the 340k teamsters $20k and that would barely touch half of the profit of UPS last year. The remainng sum would still be more than 30% more profit than what UPS collected the first year if this current contract.

Giving PTers a legitimate increase and ensuring FT jobs shouldn't be as difficult as they make it sound.
They'll be almost 7 billion dollars


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Ok, you have me wondering. What spending is the CEO and "C-suite people at UPS doing? What from that group, if you can really define them, is out of line?
Not only UPS.

In 2021, it was estimated that the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio was 398.8 in the United States. This indicates that, on average, CEOs received about 398.8 times the annual average salary of production and nonsupervisory workers in the key industry of their firm.


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If I was our CEO, I would go back to the drawing board and think outside the box about how we can really drill down on integrating our synergies from the middle out and the bottom up, while at the same time circling back to our most important asset, which is a diverse and inclusive family of team members navigating the paradigm shift of the new normal with an eye on a better, not bigger company.
You forgot "navigating in an environment of economic headwinds and labor uncertainty"


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Posting from somewhere else:

Unlike the previous CEOs before her, she is the first to not be hired from within and work her way up to that position. She’s known for making huge cuts to overhead and ‘bloat’ while squeezing more productivity from a smaller workforce (like any modern CEO). Hence her motto “Better not Bigger”

Policies attributed would be: -Eliminating HR and automating it

-Laying off a huge chunk of non-union employees, mostly corporate in Atlanta, all of HR and big cuts to Sales

-Lytx Cameras, saving millions in insurance. Expect her to push for greater access to driver facing cameras and sound for more savings.

-Reduction and near elimination of sponsorships across sporting events in North America (cost saving measure, low ROI)

-Elimination of UPS Freight

-Acquisition of many logistic tech startups, including a rival to Doordash/Ubereats and wants to staff those similar to Amazon Flex

-A hyper focus on maximum ROI for shareholders at all costs, more so than her predecessors

The rumor about 22.4s right now is that she will only except elimination of the two tier system in exchange for more flexibility on PVD staffing, as they want to use Amazon Flex type drivers for non-traditional deliveries (food delivery, grocery pickup and drop off, prescription delivery, etc.)


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Hub management here, she's a complete and utter waste of a human being. From a totally selfish point of view, she got rid of as much of the hub support functions as she possibly could. IE, TSG, BD, PE, OE, HR all have been gutted and are a shadow of their former selves. Could some fat have be trimmed? Of course! But we went from having 2-4 IE sups at any given time (one PT Sup per sort, a specialist, a FT Sup and occasionally a lead/section leader). Now we have 2 FT Sups total, one for day/twi, one for twi/night. I don't know exactly what PE and TSG have been done to them, but I do know we were supposed to get new scanners in 2022, and that's been put on hold. BD at my building mostly retired and were never replaced. I see our OE sup like once a quarter now. Everyone knows what happened to HR, with our glorious new hiring practices.

How much you wanna bet that none of the higher-ups suffered from this at all? From my understanding, they added more positions! Oh but we can't give you a good raise for multiple years(despite record profits)! Cost of living raise? Bitch Please!

This is exactly what she did at Home Depot, her previous conquest. She gutted everything she could, made the shareholders happy, made buckets of money, pissed everyone else off and sailed off into the sunset.

:censored2: Her!

Sidenote: Have y'all see the video of her trying to load? Oh. My. Lord! That's some of the cringiest :censored2: I've ever seen.

Edit: Another thing that she doesn't understand about drastically cutting back IE is that they often save the company money. Yes they were a bit bloated, I can agree with that, but they often help correct service failures, smooth lanes, and optimize flows. There's way less people to do that now, so less things are getting optimized, smoothed, collapsed, etc. At this point, we (the hub) tell IE to do things, instead of them telling us to do things.


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Hub ie was gutted but they largely left the FT staff alone, reassigned. Some went to ROI which rather than correcting a 100 dollar service failure a few times a week are now cooking up stuff that saves ups millions a year. (better roi on the cost of a ft sup).

Its true at this point hub ops see the problems sooner and clearer because the hub ie just can't be that plugged into 4+ sorts like the old setup had 1 person plugged into a single sort.

In facilities I'm familiar with PE/Base has ADDED alot of specialists. Tsg was gutted years ago, I haven't seen any more cuts there.

HR never did anything and the account reps were always scared to ask the customers to fix any problems. We lost something gutting both of those but it's not enough to say that gutting them was a mistake imho.

Didn't you like the 150 MIP? That was as much Carol as us.