Do you guys sign your OLCCs?

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    I used to sign for anything and everything my manager threw in front of me, but not anymore. I stopped doing it and won't sign for ANYTHING! I have another manager witness the document, but sorry pal, no John Hancock. Managers bark, fuss, kick, growl, and simply hate this, but they can't force me; it is my prerogative.

    I stopped signing of for stuff, (OLCCs, memos, etc.), awhile back after what happened to a friend of mine. My friend, a full-time courier, got fired unjustly. Eventually, and after winning a lenghty GFT, she got her job back.

    To much of her surprise, when she applied for unemployment compensation she was denied, and every posible OLCC she had previously signed, was presented to her as evidence of her "poor performance". She was told FedEx was right and had every right to fire her, and those OLCCs proved it. Her whole file was made available to the State, and Fedex refused to pay the claim.

    And managers say that those OLCCs are "for employees information only". Ha, yeah right! Try again!!

    Cover yourself; don't sign for anything. It might turn around and bite you one day.
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    If you don't sign, they can enter it anyway, but it's probably worth it just to infuriate them. The new OLCC program for sickness/lates is especially onerous, because it's an automatic OLCC no matter what. Never signing anything is good advice.

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    I agree with not signing off on any OLCC's...I signed a few this past year but I'm going back to not signing any OLCC's like I used to...
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    Must be one of the lucky ones.. I have equal positive and negative..
    either way I won't be signing another one.
  5. I'm a newbie. My managers are pretty good guys. But can u really not
    Sign that stuff?
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    There is no legal requirement that you sign. I like to heavily edit and or redact mine to show a true picture of what happened. My manager allows it since he knows I won't sign it otherwise.
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    Sign it/don't sign it--don't they still go in your personnel file?
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    Yes, that's correct. But why sign if management can turn them around and use them against the employee? A signature might give the impression you are agreeing with it, althought management denies this. Then again, look what happened to my co-worker. Why sign if you really don't have to? Believe me, most of these OLCCs are negative feedback, even though they can also be used for positive remarks or compliments to the employee. We don't see those at my station anymore. Managers don't even let room on OLCCs for comments or remarks from the employee, so that's another good reason no to sign. They are completely one sided.
  10. 59 Dano

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    Your signature does nothing but acknowledge that you are aware that you received it. You are no better or worse off by refusing to sign it than you are if you do sign it.


    You just sounded like my manager, and I'll respond you the same way I respond him:

    - No, I refuse to sign.

    Dano, you are now free to fuss and whine.
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  12. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    I don't know what your manager told you, but I said that it doesn't matter if you sign it or not.

    As for the whining, well my friend, you're the guy whining about signing an OLCC. I wouldn't, and didn't, suggest that anyone should sign.
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    It doesn't matter in one respect because you're going to get it anyway. It does matter in a second respect, in that you're sending a message that the BS needs to stop. We have just taken their arbitrary and unevenly-applied discipline for years. Why not make it more difficult?
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    How does that not count as insubordination? Refusing to sign paperwork here would likely result in a discipline form and a fast track to getting terminated for cause.
    One would assume that it goes in your file anyway and there is always another manager as a witness.
    (I... happen to have 1 or 2 forms in my file... lol)
  15. MrFedEx

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    I know of several people who don't sign OLCC's, and management has a process that allows the OLCC to be applied regardless of signature.


    I beg your pardon? You are not my friend.
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    Makes no differance..In all my time I've never heard of a wrongful termination..I've heard of folks getting canned for 3 warning letters..letters I wouldnt have accepted without a GFT I would have won..nobody ever thinks they'll hit happens..thats why you should fight every questionable one..not accept them lying down..hell, file a civil suit..people get canned for positive drug tests, falsification, and stealing..3 letters..I've never felt bad for someone who screwed up on these and was shown the's not rocket science.
  18. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It's no more difficult for them to administer it 1 way or the other. If it makes you feel better to not sign it, don't sign it.
  19. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    If it helps, I was being a smart aleck and I don't like having whiners as friends anyhoodle.