Does anyone driver a hybrid personal vechicle?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Channahon, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Channahon

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    Moving along with the Green movement, I am going to be purchasing a car soon. With gas prices as they are I am thinking a hybrid vehicle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with hybrids? I know the selections are limited, and not sure what may be coming out in the fall.
  2. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    They are kindy pricey,and I`m not sure if I`m ready to cough up the cash ( I really cant afford it)for something that does not affect me personally at the moment.We bought a Yaris sedan last week...not
    hybrid but the 1.5 cyl engine qualifies us for a $1000 rebate from
    the government.One of my regular customers has had a honda hybrid
    for a few years now...he loves it.
  3. area43

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    The thing I question is the batteries. The life of them. Maybe five years if your lucky. Its just like your cordless drill. After each use it loses its ability to charge to that same level each time. The prices of these batteries on hybrids are high to replace. I believe in the thousands. Something to check on Channon before purchasing one. ( :
  4. area43

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    Channa, I believe DS is right, I dont think you will save much money. A lot of you smaller non hybrid cars get just as good gas mileage. I also heard they just dont have the power. Those batteries are like car batteries and they are heavy. Making your little hybrid engine work harded to go.
  5. scratch

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    Re: Does anyone driver a hybrid personal vehicle?

    The problem with the hybrids now is high initial price and high maintenance costs to operate. Like some people have noted, those batteries will be expensive to replace. My brother works for GM in Shreveport, La. I got to drive an electric S-10 pickup they were developing a few years ago. It was very fast and quiet, but only had a range of about fifty miles. To me, the Toyota Prius is one ugly car. I remember a few years ago, VW had a Rabbit or Golf that would get 50+ miles per gallon. I will be glad when someone will perfect an alternative fuel vehicle and we can all tell the oil companies to go to hell. I just think the hybrid technology is a temporary fix.
  6. athena

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    There are a couple of sites that might be good for getting started on the search. I have also heard that the cost of owning the hybrids doesn't really make up for the cost of gas. At least for now, you are really doing more for planet earth than for your pocketbook.
  7. toonertoo

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    I heard al gore III's prius goes 100 mph, but I hear that was fueled by pot and not alcohol products:wink: I dont think the prius looks bad at all, kinda snazzy I thought, but I agree with Athena, at the moment, they only make you feel you are doing the right thing.
  8. Penguin

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    Although I think the hybrids are awesome. I think it's best for people to buy used cars even if they can afford much more expensive ones.

    Most Americans spend about $25,000 dollars for their cars. :mellow: Even with a hybrid, you basically spend about $.50 a mile to operate a car. Thats after you factor in gas, insurance, maintenance & the cost of the vehicle.

    The people who stick to buying used 4-5 year old cars over their whole lifetime save about $250,000 over their whole life. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have $250,000 in cash then new cars all the time. $250,000 is more then I'll probably ever spend on gas. If you're anything like me. You salivate at the thought of saving $250,000. :tongue_sm
  9. athena

    athena Member

    $250,000!! Wow. :w00t: Yeah. I am all for used cars. Although, I need to update as soon as I graduate. Currently, I am riding around in an '87 Audi. Not a bad car but looking forward to owning a car thats age can not be counted in decades :thumbup1:. Can't complain though, it gets me where I want to go. Unfortunately, I am having a problem with the catalytic converter, so you know I am warning everyone within a mile radius that I am in the area :blush::lol:
  10. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    We picked up our Yaris and so far we really love it.I myself have never owned a new car.Actually my wife leased it as she only uses it to get
    to work every day and the occaisional tour around the block.It would
    have been nice to buy domestic,but the lower end cars that we can
    afford don't come close to the quality that the Japanese produce nowadays.It gets about 36mpg on the highway,and even though its a
    small car it is roomy and handles like a dream.Its nice to go over railroad tracks and not worry which wheel might fall off .She likes the idea of having a vehicle that the chances are slim
    that anything will break in the next few years.We don`t have a digital camera,but I found this pic that is the same color and model as ours
    except we opted out of the fog lights.
  11. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    Nice looking ride - still haven't made a decision yet
    No fog lights? I didn't think they were an option

    I've had two Nissans and loved them, virtually no problems, just got tired of driving a 5 speed. I think that happens with age.
  12. athena

    athena Member

    Nice car, DS. I didn't know about the fog lights either.