Does anyone understand this? (YouTube video RE UPS Germany)

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    English Subtitles.

    Has anyone heard about this or can explain what was going on there?

    UPS Germany Reported To Use Union Busting Methods - YouTube

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    No clue but it's 4 years old so lots could of changed by now.
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    I understood every word, but to make it short and to understand the video, Labour laws are totally different in Germany.
    I believe the magic number is either 100 or 200 employees and the company must have a B/A union rep inside the company itself, and paid by the company.
    UPS has been trying for years to fire him, even hired private investigators to spy not just on him, but also his daughter, too.

    And the other stuff is how many times in court they have been in this 1 single center (113 times).
    Also talked about how many drivers get easily reprimanded or fired over little things.

    UPS has a very bad reputation in Germany.
    When I worked there, my German friends on facebook told me - that's not a good place to work for.
    (Stuttgart, my 2nd home city, was also mentioned in that article)
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    And you must definitely believe everything on Facebook because everyone tells the truth................gullible gus!
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    Those are people I went to school and college and worked with. I have known them since a teen.
    Even a few of them came a few times to visit me here in Canada.

    I know people like you Moreluck - you don't trust friends nor family. But, that's you.
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    I don't trust letter would change that site to what it really is.....FAKEBOOK!

    "Oh, my Jim made $800,000 this year and Mindy is in Harvard Law school and little Markie graduated from MIT at age 16 and wants to work for Los Alamos." Anyone who puts faith in things posted on Fakebook is a pushover.
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    Oh, and my friend from kindergarten comes here quite often on the train from Toluca Lake......... friends for 60 years!
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    moreluck, a it's less about the website and more about the people on the website. PEOPLE are fake. They are a figment of your imagination. Those customers you deal with every day are imaginary. Think about it.

    klein, thank you for the translation! I like to think that if UPS wants to fire somebody SO badly, this guy must be amazing. But they said that drivers get reprimanded or fired over little things. By who? UPS or the union there? Was UPS firing/reprimanding these drivers because they supported this union guy?
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    And you must definitely believe everything on FOX because FOX tells the truth...........gullible gus!

    Google FOX, Madison, palm trees.
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    I don't have customers. I AM the customer.
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    You do not exist.
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    The BA, in Germany, his only job is to represent the union workers, unlike a shop steward that works and represents.
    So, there is absolutly no reason for UPS to try and fire him.
    This BA also got the the most votes to be re-elected as one. ( I think they vote every 4 or 5 years in Germany).

    I think , in this story, they just threw in on how badly UPS handles it's workers (drivers), as an extra "bonus", but it is sure keeping that BA busy being 116 times in court over these issues within a year !
    Considering there might only be 245 working days (excluding Sat, Sun, and the many German Stat holidays), that's an average of being every second day in court over labour issues (not just involving him, but also the workers he represents) !
    And sofar he won every single case, too.