Does UPS still load trailers?

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  1. I was just wondering, at FDX cans are used even for local station to station, it's not the same at UPS? For those in the offload team, would you rather offload cans or trailers?
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    At ups we are a very big operation unlike you at FedEx. We load it all in trailers except air. Fedex is more of a second rate nickel & dime operation so your question doesn't apply to us.
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    How come when we drive on the I-15 around Corona/ we see the Fedex yard with a gazillion trailers parked there...........not used? seems like a waste of trailers if they aren't being used.
  4. IMO, it's more efficient using cans not just for the bloodsucking company but the employees. But then again, I have not seen trailer offload/load action LIVE, only on UPS videos.