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    I've been bit once, but it was'nt much of a bite, just a little nip it hurt for a sec, life goes on.. and it was a smaller dog... I use to think the whole dog bite thing was overated, HOWEVER.:wink: I had a nice K9 encounter the other day that really spooked me... Prior to this the dogs I encountered just barked really... well this one was being held by the collar by the woman owner and he got away from her, and came right at me... I expected him to stop when he got closer, and just bark... but this one did'nt stop, he kept coming. He pretty much lunged at me and the package i was holding went to the ground, and the only thing that was between me and the dog was my Diad..and half of it was in his mouth... I pretty much kept the dog from getting any closer other than his teeth being inches from my hands as i held the board, and the dumb owner did'nt really get too excited about the whole thing, but she did pull him away finally...

    So my question is what do you do? If i would have clocked the dog in the head with the diad... does that make the dog back off? more angry? do i get fired for animal cruility? Do you get bit and take the rest of the day off? Is there a "right" thing to do?:confused:1
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    You have every right to defend yourself. Do what ever needs to be done to keep the dog from bitting. If you are bit make sure you notify the local law enforcement so the dog gets placed on the mean dog list.( don't let the dogs owner talk you out of reporting it.) If it has attacked people before it may have to be destroyed. Ask for proof that it has had it's rabies shots- very Important. I would highly recommend getting a tetnus shot if your skin has been broken. Last but not least , depending on how much you like the customer, you might consider seeing a lawyer. The average dog bite now days will get you $5 grand. In case you can't tell I have NO sympathy for people that can't control their animals.

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    You notice those USPS guys wear that "dog mace" on their belt. I keep wanting to ask them if it really works but never had the chance to.
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    Dogs instincts are to tests who's the leader of the pack in confined areas or territories. Show the animal your not backing down, and yes that includes clocking him if your being threaten. But I generally go by the size of their neck if I will even leave the vehicle and chance a dog fight. I recomend you watch The dog Whisperer on the Nat'l Geographic channel.
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    I consider it a matter of courtesy. If they have a package being delivered, then it's a basic common courtesy to put their dog up. If not, then I'll honk to get their attention. I shouldn't have to be harrassed by their dog just to set a package on their porch.
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    I usually feed em' a dog biscuit, Then everytime Fido hears the UPS truck coming he'll be scratching at the door, window, etc. My form of revenge.
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    I agree with everything being said here.
    There were several people on board who thought dog bites were over rated, and they will until it happens to them. And there is a difference between a bite or nip, where it bites and runs away, and a viscious attack, where it isnt leaving until you are mauled, or he is dead. Many times I see small women and children with these viscious dogs, and I never leave my safe area. Most cant handle them. And they have them for protection. The problem is people get these dogs but take no time to work with them. The dog whisperer (as stated by diesel96) is evidence of this and a great show. Dogs are wonderful, and I so enjoy several on my route, who have owners who have trained them. I have a Doberman who stops and sits, when I call her name. It doesnt matter if she wanted to chase a squirrel or a cat, she stops, she is trained, and that is the only kind to have. She isnt mean, and doubt she would ever bite, but when people are fearful of her because of her size, who knows what a dog thinks, so til the people calm down and quit being afraid she stays where I tell her, not mauling at the door or the window.
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    The DIAD is a wonderful anti-dog weapon. I have used it to combat several dogs. Swing it as hard as you can (think home run), at their head. Success is when you literally send them rolling across the ground. Have no mercy, you do not want to get hurt because some stupid dog owner won't control their mutt.

    If I ever get bit, I would do exactly as Rod said. Police report, make sure it had its shots, AND ESPECIALLY SUE THEM! They deserve it for allowing their vicious animal to attack you. What if it had been a small child instead?

    I have no sympathy for stupid dog owners either.
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    About 7 years ago I got bite handing a lady a call tag over a 5 ft fence. The dog just jumped up and got the palm of my hand. I asked for a band aid, and went on my way. When my wife found out, she brought me in for a tetness shot. The doctor said always get a shot record if you ever get bite again.
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    I think it's pretty sad UPS will not allow us to carry anti-dog mace. They do not care if you get bit, tomorrow there will be another butt in your seat.
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    I was bitten by a Great Dane one Christmas Eve about 6-7 years ago. I never knew a dog that big could be that sneaky when coming up behind you. I never knew he was there until he clamped down on the back of my leg.

    He died a couple of weeks after that incident. I think it was something he ate.
  12. rod

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    I can see it all now. Dog comes running 90 mph ready to attack. Ups driver panics, drops package and DIAD, grabs dog mace and without having time to aim squirts himself in the face:) All kidding aside I didn't know you couldn't carry mace. Never was informed of that rule but then again I did have selective hearing most of the time. My plan of attact was to carry a few dog biskets for the ones I liked and refuse to get out of the truck at the places that for some reason never understood "keep your friggin dog in the house or under control". I always loved delivering on a real cold day and being able to lay on the horn and stay in a warm truck because people just couldn't get it. The site of them coming out of the house in their bathrobe and slippers walking through the crispy snow freezing their butts off and swearing under their breath always warmed my heart.
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    We were told that we can't use dog repellent. I guess management is afraid that we might go off on a customer and give them a shot or two. Possibly management is afraid that we may spray them! A diad to the chops works great on a dog, especially if you knock out some teeth ( I have!). I don't know how it works on management though. LOL
  14. dcdriver

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    I will never forget in 1993 got bitten by a pitbull the required 5 stitches in leg call the center and they wanted to known of I could finish rte before going the hospital. Told them to go #@$%#
  15. RockyRogue

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    Ouch. I know a Denver chapter of PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) that would probably like a conversation with you! LOL:lol::lol: (kidding). Smacking management with a DIAD would probably just net you a 12 hour planned day for the next 6 months! LOL. -Rocky
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    I thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals. Thanks for tipping me off. 12 hour dispatch? Been there - done that!
  17. Griff

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    Never been bit, but you should defend yourself at all costs. I don't worry about tiny dogs, I know several that bite my shoes and I could careless. I'm very aware of german sheppards, pitbulls, doberman, rottweilers, american boxers; these guys do not like me at all. 99% of the time you can tell by their body language if they're friendly or not.
  18. Dirty Savage

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    Ay yes, the irresponsible dog owner. Gotta love them and their blatant stupidity. I mean, seriously, how much time and effort does it take to put your dog away while you answer the door?

    If there is a dog in the yard I just flat-out refuse to deliver the pkg. I just sheet up as not in 1 and turn it in to our centre clerk.

    Of course, when trying to DR the pkg to the back yard it's a little different. What I do is make as much noise as possible to try and flush the hidden dog out if there is one. I rattle gates, whistle, etc, all the while I am looking for obvious evidence like poop, chew toys or what have you. In the winter this is a lot easier as the snow reveals tracks and such.

    By the way, In four years I've only been bitten once and it was by a three-legged chihuahua!
  19. over9five

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    You know, they once told us that not delivering a package because of a dog is MISSED.

    I'm good with that....
  20. scratch

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    Gee govols019, was it something you fed him? :blink: (just kidding)

    The last one that got a little taste of my leg was put down a month later due to illness. I was just heartbroken.