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    Ok I know most every driver has a dog story. The other day I was on extended country route and had a problem dog. I had a Dell(signature and people were home when dog would not let me out of truck.How did I know the people were home,they were at thier pool swimming.One girl looked out and said"oh, she won't bite" like we haven't heard that too many times. I replied "I've heard that too much and would not take that chance", she said"she hasn't even done anything yet", so I waived by and left,sheeted package not ready 1 and put dog in comments.Two days later the Dell packages are back on my truck with a note to blow horn and someone would come out.As I got there the lady was outside and came over to the truck to sign,once she signed she asked why noone signed the other day and I told her, she said one of them should have left the pool and came out,her daughter would have to wait now to use the computor, she apologized and said yes the lab will bite due to pups and was glad I didn't get out.I usually always give out biscuits to dogs but this one wanted nothing but a side of leg,it was kinda neat duaghter was getting the Dell for school and is not allowed to use it.
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    That is a good story.Usually, when you go back, they'd come out bitchin' about what a baby you are.

  3. It was peak..only 6 pm but it was getting very dark. I took my flashlight with me and noticed it was not a short walk to the front door. When I got to the front gate I noticed a very dim light in the living room of this house. Great someone must be home! I never thought about checking for a dog (s) because nothing indicated that there were dogs here.

    Before knocking on the front door I noticed this big glass picture window that had not blinds but what look like a big blanket covering the whole window. On my first knock I was startled as a dog, only to look like a german shepard-wolf mix pop his head between the blanket and the window. This dog did not make a fact..this may sound crazy, I thought "It" actually smiled at me (!). In an instant he disappeared...

    HHHHmmmm...knocking harder the second time, come on answer! The garage door was closed but as I passed it walking to front door I thoiught I saw a truck parked in there from the opposite side of the garage. My flashlight caught something written on a sign..CAUTION!! MILITARY/POLICE K9 TRAINER...Uh-Oh (squeaking noise)..(more squeaking noises)..whats that?
    It was the sound of a dog door...
    Three black shadows came slowing around the corner of the house. The light reflected 3 sets of ambered eyes, low growling..teeth bared. They did'nt, they look like they were circling me, cutting off my escape route.

    In an instant a fourth "wolf-dog" or woggy did not hesitate to attack. While standing at the front door I sensed a bad situation, I threw my forearm up to protect my face, I felt a warm searing pain as this dogs teeth sunk deep into my skin and at the same time trying to pull and rip any part of this intruders flesh. Three more were felt, my other arm, my calf and back of my thigh,,,,

    I was at this moment my alarm clock went off...I sat up in bed and said man....that was too real!! (True Story)
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    Well I had to do an injury follow up on a driver that had an avoidable. He was bit by a dog (still dont understand why we do the follow up rides on these). Anyways, the second stop i had with him was to a house with a long driveway. I told him i would walk the package since he was still sore. Wouldnt you know it, guess what is there to say hello, teeth first. My manager loved hearing that. At least we know dogs dont discriminate between management and teamster flesh LOL
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    I would of wanted to ask, why in the hell do you have a dog running around free that might bite someone??
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    Dog story;This happend to driver on a route adjacent to mine. Driver was chased into package truck by small terrier type dog after releasing parcel on the porch, he ran and jump in truck and had to closed both doors of truck because dog was going nuts running around the truck. The dog was up on his back legs with paws on truck would'nt stop barking, the lady(owner)tried to grab by collar but just then neighbor pulls into driveway next door ,turning his attention away from truck, dog jumps at the driverside car door barking at that driver, lady tells UPS driver to go away because dog hates truck and wont stop going crazy she waives at him to leave so he starts up truck pulls away and notices dog take off after truck but figures he'll just turn around when he goes further but dog doesnt and next thing you know ...road kill/speed bump. Now this is where the story got wierd UPS driver kept going! Cops were outlooking for UPS dog killer in the city they pulled me over questioned me and I just gave'em center number. Later that driver had to go to police station to give his side of story, he told me later he felt the bump but said to himself nothing he could do about it so he just kept going. Police almost charged him with negilgent destruction of property but neighbor of this dog owner gave police a statement that cleared the driver:w00t:
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    You know I always thought it was UPS folklore about an attacking dog being killed by a driver wielding a swinging DIAD board until it happened in our center. Customer was pissed, but what can you say when you don't or can't control your dog?
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    Call me stupid but how is the driver of any vehicle supposed to keep a dog from chasing/running under a vehicle?

    Just another glaring commentary about how the world thinks we are/should be responsible for everything.
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    Has anyone tried those electronic dog repellers that put out that high pitched noise that dogs really do not like?
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    I was at this moment my alarm clock went off...I sat up in bed and said man....that was too real!! (True Story)[/quote]
    Nice dream we are talking real DOG stories like when I got bit by a pitbull mix. I pulled up to a house w/ a waist high gate around the yard I noticed front door open with security screen closed heard voices like kids playing, I called out no one came so I jump over fence banged on door then I heard a little girl scream "DAD THERE'S SOMEONE IN THE YARD!!!" I was startled I thought why did she scream in a sort of panic about a knock on the door? I got my answer when I turn around to see a gray pit charging at me so what to do? I placed diad down toward his face didn't go for that went for my boots(thank goodness I was wearing boots)Dog clamped on my foot like a benchvice, pressure was intense after a few seconds of pounding dogs skull with diad an older man comes around the house grabs dog by the scruff of the neck and beats dog with fist until dog let go I ran lept over fence jump in my truck and waived I'm okay and left. My foot felt like severe ankle sprain.Took off my boot, foot swelled up and noticed blood, dogs tooth had peirced leather boot. My stupidity to enter a locked gate.:blushing:
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    here in syr ny it is not even safe to take a walk with your child. the other day we had a father and his little girl attacked by 4 pit bulls. the police had to shot 3 of them. the father had to jump on the hood of a car to get away from the dogs.
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    I assume the owner's of those dogs gave you permission to feed them.

    I recently caught the meter reader from the power company feeding my dog a biscuit.

    I asked him if he thought my dog looked malnourished? No

    "Did I give you permission to feed my dog?" "No"

    "Then you had better hope I never catch you feeding my dog again. All you have to do here is read the meter and then get off my property and if you can't handle that then send somebody else here that can."

    Why on earth would anybody think they have the right to enter somebody's private property and feed that person's dog without permission?

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    Actually most owners here are glad we do feed them biscuits, I think they expect more than the dogs, if it's a way to keep me safe then that's what I for one am going to do.
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    You sir/boy are the definiton of obnoxious customer. I hope your reprimand makes you feel as pompous as you sound, protecting the welfare of your mut. That meter reader was doing what most employees of service industries do,trying to not get hurt servicing the customer. Is your dog not trained to bark and not take food from strangers, well thats your fault is it not? Is there a sign somewhere in your yard? A simple comment to the person would've been enough. I belive you'll get a error on your next bill. If that were me you would be picking up your package from UPS Hub.:laugh:
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    Wonderboy will be ranting & raving when they do an averaging of his power bill because they don't want to trespass to read the meter. :crying:

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    Wow,you sound like an A**.A simple,"Please don't feed my dog" would suffice.
  17. Yeah, it would really suck to have the same bill every month, how could he ever plan ahead for that?

    Rock, meet dumb.
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    Some people consider their dogs to be not only companions but alarm/deterrent systems.
    If a dog is in a backyard barking guess what's probably not back there?.........the boogieman.
    If the boogieman can gain access to your backyard concealed by a stockade fence or your garage undetected then they have free run of your property and belongings from there. If a dog can be compromised then that defeats the purpose of having a dog.
    Dogs are supposed to protect their domain and their masters and it's his backyard anyway.
    Do I agree with the way Wonderboy delivered his message? We are all grown up now.....the meter reader will get over it, besides, he knew the dangers when he signed on.
    I agree with wonderboy.
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    Anon. poster forgot to turn off your attack mode!! Just push the red button again.
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    How do you all know that's susie unless there are tracking capabilities that aren't casually mentioned?

    I could be "anon poster" and, supposedly, you all wouldn't know it.