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    This question is for those who know for sure--please don't speculate I'd you're not sure. Can DOL be changed on a route level or would it change the whole loop?

    Example: A neighborhood is pushed back and forth between two routes as a level area. If the DOL is altered on one route would it change how it appears in EDD when that chunk is on the other route? How about if it's moved between different loops like today say it's on 75D but tomorrow it's on 76A?
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    Yes it can. The problem is in how the DPS supervisor puts on the route. The DOL is a fixed item that works in conjunction with EDD and ORION. The default is to put the dispatch in accordance with the loop in sequential loop descending order. 75A sequences would be before 76A sequences. They can be put in any order physically overriding the default. They can be reversed as well. It can be put into RDO in the DOL but this is a time burdening task that can be completed by someone with extensive area knowledge. I have written many DOL s in my career as an on road and a implementation sup for CACD, DPS and applied my knowledge in the metropolitan areas in the NorthEast District. When writing DOL s I always considered a universal dispatch option for a path into an area for level dispatch and for add cuts. It's not an easy task, but when a DOL is written to perfection, the systems such as ORION are virtually flawless. Anyways, the moral of this is yes, it can be adjusted to different levels.
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  3. TooTechie

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    Interesting. This center doesn't have orion yet but I've seen what orion does to a bad dol so I want to fix it to more closely match how it should be run.
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    Good question. Depending on the angle of attack the same split can be run several ways, all of them making sense.
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    "DOL" and "perfection" don't belong in the same discussion in my center. Our DOLs are pure garbage due to having nothing but lazy dispatch sups since the inception of EDD. Yet, the ORION team was sent anyway. We are being set up for an epic fail.
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    I wasted time fixing my DOL after loop team screwed it up then the worthless dispatch sup ignored everything and did pocket dispatches and moved work around to please the whiner (who was the lowest seniority and last person to bid into the loop). The increased stop per car metric meant most drivers ended up going miles out of their way to deliver stops from other loops also. No way ORION would work with that mess. Things were so screwed up sups just tried to ignore problems hoping they would go away and I am sure ORION team would just say its ready then skip out of Dodge letting the Center to try to deal with it.
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    We totally looped my DOL stop for stop, corner houses, back doors, everything! Orion sup rides one day and everything effed up man. Took weeks to figure out he put a bunch of "fake" one way streets into my loop to prevent Orion from wanting to K-turn. Took them all out with PDS sup and it got a lot better.
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    Good idea. Set it up so it's close to stop for stop. If you do odd then even, set that up. For example, house on a corner, but uses driveway on the street you enter on. You have to insert this address right after the last number of the street you enter on. Orion doesn't know where driveways are.
  9. MyTripisCut

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    Your dispatch sup can fix this. Every address has a GPS point on the Orion map. He can drag it so that it is on another street or closer to other street to help with this
  10. Wally

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    Sound like somebody knows what they are doing over in you parts which I find very unusual. The last thing management ever does by me is ask any driver about anything.
  11. MyTripisCut

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    I am actually very lucky right now. My management team is pretty mellow and wants to help. Been here long enough to know it won't last forever but enjoying it while it lasts.