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  1. DS

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    I know the contract is important but almost every thead is about that.I thought I'd lighten it up a bit, after all we all have dreams.
    I occasionally have this recurring dream.
    I'm in my pkg car on a route I dont know,I feel disorientated.I get out to make a delivery and it gets bizzare,with big steel doors and cars laying on thier sides and I have to walk forever through a huge multitude of different factories and warehouses.Some have plywood walls and some are like metallic junkyards.
    When I finally get rid of the pkg I cant find my truck.I think I'm losing my mind and wonder what will happen when ups finds out.Then I come upon an abandoned shopping mall that looks like an earthquake hit it.Now there's hundreds of pkg cars all empty and I can't find MINE!
    At this point I usually wake up wondering what the heck?
    Anyone care to interpret that for me?
    Anyone else ever have ups dreams?
  2. scratch

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    Re: deam interpretation

    Sorry DS, no way I could interpet that dream. Could you be having flashbacks? I know I used to have UPS nightmares though! Especially back when I first started driving and also involving Peak Season. I used to have wierd ones where I came to work and wasn't wearing pants. On the other hand, I'm glad now that I seldom remember dreams anymore..............:laugh:
  3. mattwtrs

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    Re: deam interpretation

    DS, that is one sick dream! I call my UPS dreams nightmares that I hope never repeat themselves!
  4. old levi's

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    In my dream it's 1730 and I haven't started my pickups. Screwed.
  5. helenofcalifornia

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    Isn't that EVERY UPS drivers dream? They took a nap and woke up at 4:30 and haven't started their pickups and have a ton of deliveries to make?????? Sold sweat, heart palpitations, etc. That dream is so REAL to me at times.
  6. Brown Dog

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    I've had this one more than once. I'm out on a route I don't know, I don't recognize the addresses on the pkgs, I can't find any streets or anything familiar.Just spinning my wheels-sort a speak:confused:1
  7. I had a dream the other night that I was moving package cars around the building to get ready to be washed and I scraped the side of one leaving a huge gash.
  8. MR_Vengeance

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    hey i had the same nightmare too. can't find the pkg car only to turn around with few hundred of them behind me.
  9. Griff

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    Never had a UPS related dream, knock on wood. No idea what to say about the OP, you're a tortured soul!
  10. Fishbulb

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    I had work related dreams/nightmares about work only when i was on the preload. I think the lack of sleep screwed with my mind & i wasnt eating properly. The way I see it, if you're having dreams about work then you're not seperating working time from your home life. Meaning to say, you're always concerned with work even when the day is over & you're trying to rest. I used to worry if I put all of my end of day paperwork in the right bins or scanned my call tags or did the follow ups or misloaded a package got that last ODS. My first center manager told me when I was stressing real bad on my 1st blind route "They're just boxes, relax." And he's right, nothing more than cardboard & most of the time its filled with some QVC bullsh** that the person really doesnt need anyway. Only times I have dreams about work now are about getting bit by a dog while making a delivery, dreamt that twice.
  11. Dutch Dawg

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    DS if that's you dream, my semi-professional interpretation is you are long overdue for a vacation. I've found if I limit my sleep to no more than 20 minutes at a time my work related nightmares are greatly reduced.:w00t:

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    We have cages instead of belts in my center. My first 3 years, I was a sorter, and would be asked to come in and double shift during peak.
    Standing there for 8 hours with a wall of moving cages eventully got to my head. In my apartment, my bed was against a wall, and I would literally be moving my arms (while in deep sleep) like I was sorting to the cages. But the "cages" was actually my bedroom wall

    What a nightmare

    True Story
  13. dillweed

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    I had that one once too! Oh wait, it wasn't a dream :crying:
  14. toonertoo

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    I think that we all have them, I also think we should get paid for them.:tongue_sm
    Im thinking DS that you are suppose to do something past the realm of possibility. that is why you cant find your truck after you have delivered through tornadoes, earthquakes or natural disasters. The numbers remain the same, so your dreams are taking you into the impossible to prepare you. :w00t:

    Rainstorms, windstorms, snowstorms, police, fd, dea, doesnt matter, make the numbers, no excuse is good enough. Especially if you are in an area, you have never seen vs a route you know each house automatically, do the same job. JMHo
  15. tonyexpress

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    I'm not sure that this is any interpretation... but could the cages have something to do with your Monkey avatar??:D

    I might be going out on a limb on this onef!!:laugh:
  16. I've had a dream where everybody leaving the building and the sort isn't over and all the boxes are being loaded all in my truck. One other dream was where I was delivering pks at 4:30 in the morning.......weird!
  17. diesel96

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    Ever since obtaining my CDL, I keep dreaming I'm out partying with some friends at the beach and taking a hit off the cummunity "Doobie" being passed around and waking up not sure if I was partaking in the illegal activity and worrying about a drug test when I get to work.