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    A driver was fired, as of this morning, for entering his lunch as 12-1 but taking it at the end of the day. Normally this isn't a major concern but, as I was told, the driver was given numerous verbal and a written warnings. I was also told that the BA said there wasn't much he could do about it.

    Other than the tough guy responses that get thrown around from both sides what are some of your thoughts about this...

    I take lunch at the end of my day but I enter it as such. My on-road is aware of it and it isn't a concern. The on-road for the driver in question has a hair across his *** about it and pursued the termination. His argument is about following the contract which, I agree, is a valid point.

    It just seems odd that a middle ground couldn't be met here. I am sure there is some 'other' stuff that probably isn't common knowledge but could some of you in management please explain what else could have been done other than firing the driver??
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    I am not in mgt but I would think the numerous verbal warnings and subsequent written warnings would have been a wake-up call. Stupid thing to lose your job over.

    I am on the last 15 minutes of my lunch, which I take from 1545/1615 and 1700/1715 daily. My on-car and center manager are both aware of this and have no problem with me taking lunch at these times. They do have a problem with those who do not enter a lunch, those who take less than the 45 minutes and those who enter their lunch but continue to work through it.

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    I am also finishing up lunch right now and as much as I agree the the driver should have worked as directed, I can't help but think this had a better resolution. It seems that every 5 years or so a sacrifice is made to try to make a point to everyone else. Seems petty...
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    if he was not stealing time he should hire a attorney who should subpoena every drivers timecard in his building,,than the country,,and fire everyone of them as well....this post makes no sense
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    This termination,imo,is a bit weak basing it on the time entered for lunch rather than basing it on actual time taken for lunch. What I mean is this. If he entered 12 - 1 as lunch taken for one hour unpaid,and only took one hour unpaid albeit at the end of the day,then at best I would think he would only be guilty of not following the requests of his mgmt team. Worth disciplinary action? Maybe. But not to the extent of termination such as actual time card falsification or stealing time. If this incident were the basis of termination then just about every pkg ctr mgr and sup I worked with would be guilty as would many drivers. I was always told to enter total time taken accurately rather than 100% accuracy in recording the exact time it began and ended.

    For example even now when I punch out I round out the time I take for lunch to the nearest hour,say 3-4,rather than the actual time such as 3:07-4:07 or whatever it may be on a day to day basis. As long as I report what ever time I take,50 min,60 min,or 70 min accurately then there is never any problem.
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    Just as long as they enter a lunch they are fine? Or do they actually have to take that as lunch time? I know the answer and this would be worse than a driver that did not record his lunch properly but did not take any extra time. This driver will be back to work IMO.
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    its odd to fire someone for such an infraction. I'm guessing there is some report somewhere that shows him delivering when he says he is on lunch?

    So the good news to Reds point is they are actually going above and beyond to not only make sure the driver is taking his lunch but to also make sure he is not working during the time he says he is on lunch.

    we sure he got fired for the wrong time and not for falsifying his lunch?
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    Red, if you are asking me if they will check to see if the driver actually took a lunch or simply entered a random 45 minute period in the DIAD and continued working, I think you and I both know the answer to that one. We have a couple who would have a rude awakening if they actually cross checked delivery records with the lunch/break times recorded in the DIAD.

    I also think this driver will get his job back.
  9. over9five

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    The "numerous verbal and written warnings" is enough for me. Good-bye and good luck.

    Why in the world would he continue to falsify DIAD entries after having been warned repeatedly? The guy's an idiot.
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    You take your hour lunch between the fourth and fifth hour of the work day. End of story. Was his last name Pidass?
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    He put in lunch mid-day to satasfy his boss. He took lunch later in the day so he could get all his deliveries off before his pickups because he didn't want to inconvienance the boss to change the route. The boss in turn fired him. Take your lunch 12-1 and let the boss get off his arse and figure out how to deal with it.
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    You were correct. There was a bit more to this. 3rd party info here but I was told he was stop completing his pre-records while on his lunch at the end of the day which, as I wrote earlier, he didn't enter in his DIAD. A lot of stupid stuff going on here.....
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    No sympathy
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    I called on car sup one day yrs ago to tell him "no lunch". Response was, "just put one in"(meaning no paid lunch). 90 business stops- no docks/ pickups at 3:00, 30 resis to complete after 5:30. From that day forward I always stop for lunch at 1pm for lunch no matter what.
    You can do what is right or what mgmt would like you to do.
  15. Hey Upstate whats up with only 45 minutes lunch. Is that all you guys have to take? They are on us to take ALL, the whole hour... We have had numerous PCM's on this...
  16. brown bomber

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    we only get 30 min. for lunch (unpaid) in addition to to our two 10 min. breaks
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    Ok,,, why would this guy put his lunch in from 12-1 instead of when he actually took it? Am I missing something?
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    I have guys in my building that do all that "funky" stuff too. Personally, I get rid of any bulk I have and make sure I get rid of my NDAS and then take my break. Then I deliver until I am hungry...I take my hr. lunch....then I deliver until I start my pickups...take my 2nd break then I deliver what I have left then bring it in....and along the way I put all of this in my DIAD....accurately. One of my first bosses said something that I will take to my grave...."It ain't rocket science". He also told me something that helps me get through the day...."...see all of those packages...they are not smarter than you."
  19. dilligaf

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    I am in agreement with Over (and others) on this. Especially after reading the post below. This is asking for trouble and if the driver had already been warned (and it was documented) the the driver deserves to lose his job. Based on the information provided I would say that the termination will be upheld at panel. It is blatant falsifying.

    I doubt that the issue is the time that lunch was taken. We have drivers here that don't take their lunch until the end of the day. I have, on an extremely rare occasion, not taken my lunch til the end of the day. But, I have never and will never work during my lunch. It's just asking for trouble.

    We had a driver here a few years ago that transfered to a major hub with telematics. We don't have telematics yet. Within 6 months that driver was terminated and it stuck. Yep, falsifying records. Old habits never change. Or very rarely ever change.
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    I think there is a lot to the "local practice" clause with regard to lunch. For example, drivers in the Central States only get 30 minutes of lunch and one paid ten minute break. It happens to be our local practice to enter it in the board between the third and fifth hour, we can take it or break it up as we wish, but take no more than 30 minutes unpaid time.