Driver Helper - Age Requirement?

Does anyone here know what the minimum age is to work as a driver helper? I know that by looking at PT Sorters at center's, that some are 17, and some are 18. Is it the same for driver helpers in peak, if so, which age?


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last year my helper was only 16....that helper was better than the other 3 worthless ones they sent me before him


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Down here the age requirement to work at UPS is 18, the only exception is a 17 year old who has graduated from high school.

When it comes to inside employees, it seems to me that HR will hire anyone with a pulse. Then, when they quit, the supervisors are blamed that they were not trained properly. No offense intended to anyone who is overweight or who thinks they maybe, but a 300 pound middleaged house wife is not the perfect candidate to work at UPS in the package handling capacity.