Driver Helpers' DIAD Q&A 2011

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    Some of us helpers get to use the DIAD to a varying degree. I'm sure we've run into problems here and there.

    Let's share our questions so more experienced helpers and drivers can chime in so we can all learn.

    These are things I get stuck in and can't get out of.

    On DIAD 5, I attempt a signature req'd del. Consignee is not there. I push non-del, follow through, scan the info notice and I get "invalid shipper ID".

    On DIAD 4, I finished it off NI-1 and completed the stop. As I was walking to the elevator, someone comes and it just happens to be the consignee I tried to deliver to and he wants the package. What do I do to make this delivery? I had no idea what to do, so we walk to the truck together. Driver gets it figured out. I felt so stupid. Consignee was nice to me the whole time since if I was much faster with it, he would've come home to InfoNotice and had to wait until Monday.

    On DIAD 4, consignee accidentally pushed the signature button before she signed it. I pushed <, >,B, F, big up and down, sig button yet can't get out of the clarification screen. The B and F simply adds letters to clarification. Since it wasn't sig required, I just entered name and completed the stop.

    On DIAD 4, I attempt to deliver two packages that I've already sheeted at once. Consig wants to RTS one of the packages. What am i supposed to do?

    D4: Added 3 pkgs to pre-rec. How do I deliver out of the pre-rec to manager's office? Can you have multiple pre-recs?

    Say chemistry dept from 2nd floor on sheet 1, physics dept from 3rd floor on sheet 2 and I want to drop them all off at the College of Science office and get separate sigs for each sheet.
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    :dissapointed:Ask your driver.
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    You could ask another helper, I would hate for you to get your information from any of us Union losers.
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    Feel better for your neg rep on me? I really don't care. You're spending an awful lot of time finding out information that will be of NO use to you in less than 30 days. Ask your driver how to handle it.
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    You are a seasonal helper. You will be gone after the 23rd. Give it up!
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    ​Thanks Hoax, you just made my night!:lips::lips:

    Dear Santa, shutting off your rep points now? Really?!?!?:rofl: LMAO The colors of Christmas are red and green. Don't you like RED?
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

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    Santa, you are asking questions way beyond your pay grade but since I having nothing better to do I will answer them as best I can:

    For the NI1 that you wanted to reattempt---simply scan the package again, mark the stop as "duplicate", DR MC, stop complete. The package will still be in EDD even though you had already attempted delivery on it.

    Multiple left-ats are a bit more tricky---you said that you had 3 pkgs in prerecord. You will then hit prerecord and mark the first stop LR and the remaining two DR. Complete delivery, clarify signature, select delivery location. You get credit for one stop. Now, if you actually made an attempt at each of the 3 stops, you would have completed the first two as NI and then left all 3 at the 3rd stop, giving you credit for all 3 stops.

    Customer pushes the signature button---simply type a few random letters, hit signature, do not clarify, hit signature again, have customer sign, clarify, complete stop.

    Customer wants to RTS one of the packages of a completed stop---simply rescan the pkg, mark the stop as duplicate, hit pkg info, hit refused, select reason, hit stop complete, choose residential or commercial, put service cross on pkg.
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    Good info.
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    When my DIAD loses sound i drop it on the ground and it comes back.
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    A little know it all knowledge can get your driver in a lot of trouble. Just another reason why my helper doesn't use the Diad.
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    I thought I was the only one who did that!
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    Dave, your feeding the troll.

    Let me point this out, If he can post here about these specific issues with the diads, that means he's had issues with them and not knowing how to resolve them he wouldn't be able to continue (IE: His driver would have had to fix it). There fore he would already know how to fix them. If he doesn't know how to fix them, then how does he even know about them?
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    Furthermore, after receiving a couple of neg reps it took him 2 seconds to shut down the view of his reputation. Now maybe he is just BC savvy but most new posters don't know how to change their profiles around that quickly. Just sayin.........................................
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    I cant answer questions about the DIAD V because I have never even seen, let alone used one.

    Around here, the drivers all have DIAD IV's and the helper boards are all DIAD III's. The DIAD III's are slow, crash-prone, and their batteries are all weak. I havent used a DIAD III in years, so it is a struggle for me to operate one and virtually impossible for me to explain to another person how to use one.

    The only real use for a DIAD III is to smack aggressive dogs over the head with. Most of the time, my DIAD III helper board gets tossed on the shelf in the morning and never used again. At most I might put 5 or 6 stops in it while my helper is running one off, but I have neither the time nor the willingess to meet a silly 30-stop quota with it.
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    Thank you for your answer :) Playing with the DIAD and talking with customer is what adds fun to this job, for me anyways. Though there is political controversy about UPS methodology, I do believe in working smarter rather than harder. The less I screw up with the DIAD, the less unnecessary trip I'll be making.

    Perhaps I should have phrased a bit differently. I've 15 packages. One half of the floor is phys. other half is chem.

    phys stuff is addressed
    ABC Univ
    Physics Dept
    500 S West Campus Way
    Washington hall rm ###

    chem stuff is addressed
    ABC Univ
    Chemistry Dept
    500 S West Campus Way
    Washington hall rm ###

    So, I'll make a round and deliver what I can of all of the above.
    The ones I can't deliver, physics NI's go to physics dept office. chem NI's go to chem dept office. So even though the address is the same, can I have two separate "pre-record" sheets? To further complicate matter, if the dept offices are closed, they are to go to college of science office in another bldg.

    What I've been doing. If the recipient is there deliver. If not, I leave w/o completing stop and leave a note w/op scanning the note.

    How would I NI-1, stop complete, then prerecord each of the completed stops? Can I do that without having to scan each pkg twice? If we NI-1 three apartments, then drop off at the manager, is that 4 stops credit?

    Now this is working smarter and I guess I or driver gets stop credits rather than nothing.
    So hear this. We go to this apartment complex with multiple buildings spread out. If they're not in, I leave them a note but don't complete the stop. We get like 6 done. We get to the leasing office @ 4:55PM and its already closed. So driver had me go back to each one of the apartments and stick on new notes scanned as NI-1 complete. I thought it was hilarious but boy was the driver :angry::angry:
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    I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't change anything around. you sir are quick to accuse.
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    blah blah blah blah.

    Delivering a package isn't rocket science. It isn't that hard.

    You don't get any credit the driver gets it all. Whether the helper delivers it or not.

    Also we all know how to pad the numbers if we want to.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    First of all, most colleges have a central delivery point on campus--if they didn't, I could easily spend all day just delivering the campus packages--so I think you may be fudging things a little with this one.

    Second, when delivering to apartments, if you do have a NI you are prompted to scan a delivery notice before completing the stop. You would then take all of the send agains to the office and, yes, you would have to resheet and prerecord them all. You would then select DR for each of the prerecorded stops and "office" for left at location.