Driving Citations??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browndriver99, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. browndriver99

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    What happens if a UPS preloader receives a citation from hydroplaning off the clock in his personal vehicle. 2 citations - (failure to maintain control) and (too fast for weather conditions) and are there possibly any ways of getting these removed? Are they suspended from driving for 5 years?
  2. barnyard

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    Depends on where you are. It would be best to ask your shop steward
  3. undies

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    In my state it goes by points on your driving record. UPS doesn't take your record into account until you actually are eligible to drive.
  4. browndriver99

    browndriver99 New Member

    well, my record was clean before this, and I think its either going to be 3-6 points taken from my record, and I'd also like to add that I do drive during the holidays and also a Saturday AIR driver. I always thought that once you recieved one ticket for speeding or anything like that then you were disqualified.
  5. Brownslave688

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    I once got a speeding ticket in the ups truck. As long as you still have a legal driver license your good.
  6. cosmo1

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    LMAO! Me too.
  7. UPSGUY72

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    Anyone who is a driver has to fill out a yearly driving infraction forms DON'T LIE.
  8. cino321

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    Amen I've seen drivers get walked out for this.
  9. OptimusPrime

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    Don't know your state laws, but I would fight that if you can. Failure to maintain control? Really? So does that mean anyone in an accident gets hit with that? Seems almost like a "tax". And "too fast for weather conditions"? Did he clock you? Both of these seem like some trumped up BS.
  10. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    I may be wrong but these sound like Canadian laws.
    Get a lawyer and plead guilty,he will try to get the reckless driving charges dropped.
  11. bluehdmc

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    The "failure to maintain control" sounds kinda trumped up, I've heard of "too fast for conditions". Usually these are given if you have an accident. The too fast one could be given if the roads were slippery. Sounds like the cop had nothing to do. Since you say you work the preload, I guess you got these on your way into work early in the am, bored cop, nothing to do.