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  1. dough31

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    A full time driving bid is coming up and it will probably be mine. My question is this. I got a DUI/DWI in Aug. 03'. Since then I have only had a seat belt violation and that was in 03' as well. My license was suspended for 6 months. I am required to carry an Sr-22 until Aug. 08'. Will I be eligible for the position? Thanks.
  2. diadlover

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    I sure hope not.
  3. wornoutupser

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    In my building you already qualify!
  4. outta hours

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    In my bldg. you could be a trainer for the peak season drivers.
  5. over9five

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    In my bldg you qualify for the center manager job.
  6. switchoff

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    In my bldg, you qualify to be Mel Gibson's double.
  7. Pip

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    Candidates must be able to operate a standard transmission, pass a road test and DOT physical. Job requires no moving violations within the past year, and no driving suspensions within past 3 years
  8. MynameisNeigan

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    I received a ticket for passing on the wrong side 5 months ago, hired a lawyer and got a disposition of Adj Withheld, no points, no school. This is the only ticked I've received in over 7 years. Will this affect my opportunity to become a driver?

    This does not show in the 3 or 7 year record, but it does show in the complete driving record. I work in South Florida.
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  9. Backlasher

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    Wow, old thread. It shouldn't effect you cause no points. I'm pretty sure you could have 2 points and still get the position but not sure.
  10. barnyard

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    You will be asked if you have had any tickets or violations in the past year. If you lie and it shows up on a search, you have no chance. Your driving record has to be clean for at least 12 months in my district. So here, you would be out of luck for at least 7 months. They are really hard up for drivers in the Bakken oilfield, you might have a chance there.