Driving vs full time supervision?

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    I am currently a part timer in the hub of 15 1/2 years and have to make more money. I debated on driving vs part time supervision but my real goal is full time supervisor in the hub or higher. Of course it is really hard to justify going into pt time supervision after that long as an hourly but my manager alluded that if I did a good job I could get promoted to full time within a year but of course he couldnt guarantee anything. So I signed a driver bid and am supposed to go to Integrad soon but like I said would like to drive for maybe a year (if I qualify) and try to come back in the hub as a full time sup. Has anyone done this lately or know of anyone who has, I know it used to be a pretty standard practice so that full time sups would have more experience but was told they are straying away from that now. A couple of reasons that I really wanna be full time sup or manager is because of how their retirement works and their stock bonuses. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    If you go into package car and become an on-car sup they will probably keep you there if you are doing a good job. You will be stuck in package unless you screw up.

    On-car sups at the new UPS have it much easier than the old school on-car sups of 10 to 15 years ago.

    So after 16 years you want to go into management? If you really want to climb the Brown ladder and get noticed you mine as well become an on-car sup.
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    If you are on the cusp of going driving, then you need to go driving. Do not waste your time as a part time sup. PT sup can be a trap, and NEVER take their 'educated guesses' on how long it would take you to be promoted. I heard that "It'll only take about a year" 6 years ago....

    You will get a lot more USEFUL knowledge and experience spending some time on the road, and you will be making full time money while you wait for a FT management position. UPS doesn't directly require driving experience in order to be a FT supervisor, but it's very highly preferred. I work for UPS at an airport, and I will be getting promoted within the airport, yet they still made sure I spent some time driving. I don't see why they would stray, nor have I seen really any signs that would make me think as much.

    In the end, you can still get to your FT supervisor position from being a driver....arguably faster than you would if you were a PT sup. Again, don't believe any of the guesses that management give you on how long things would take. Do what's best for you NOW, and just make sure you stay in their ear about FT supervision.
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    Our on-car (since retired) drove for 15 years before going in to mgt, where he worked for 18 more years. The stock options and bonuses allowed him to put his 3 children through college and walk his daughter down the aisle; however, he has also said that if he had to do it over again he would not have made the move.

    With 15 1/2 years in IMO your best move would be to drive for the balance of your career.
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    It doesn't often happen that I agree with Upstate, he is correct. This would be your best move. Why would you want to take it in both ends anyway !!!
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    Going into management sucks. Go driving and when a feeder bid comes up go into feeders. You'll make a ton of cheese that you can invest and retire with a nice pension. F management.
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    Listen to 407. Couldn't have said it better! F management!!!
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    F management right in it's face. Unless you enjoy impossible tasks from emails and conference calls...then by all means F driving in it's face. But no really...F management.
  9. TearsInRain

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    actually management is a blast

    i enjoy every minute of my day, and would never consider going back to being an hourly

    i dont know a single manager who would go back into driving if given the choice

    but of course, you would know right, having actually been a manager at UPS at any time?
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    Dude I'm sure being a manager looks great to you being that you are a part-time OMS making 14k a year. I'm sure sitting in the office looking up to these guy they spill all the beans to a part timer like yourself but dealing with them in day to day operation as a steward in every frucked up situation you can't even imagine because you aren't high up enough on the food chain to even know the vast majority are not happy whatsoever.

    When you grow up and get more than like five years in you might understand. From your many posts of pure ignorance I wouldn't bet on it though. Go get em tiger don't like what you have to say file a grievance lol my ass you aren't even on the radar you are part time. Lol
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    Its probably just a bad situation all around. I should have either put in for management or driving a long time ago but I didnt. I started working at UPS while in college then graduated but never left UPS, once you get a few years in its hard to leave. The only reason I thought about going into pt supervision now is because they said I would get a 10-15 percent increase in pay at 27 1/2 hrs a week which is at least 5 hrs a week more than I get now. Compared to me going into driving and taking a 6 dollar on the hour pay cut for at least a year. This is why this has been a hard decision for me and I still dont know if I made the right one.
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    You forgot about all the overtime you will get...when they shove that route up your rearend!!!You will have that 27 plus hours by wedensday!!!
  13. TearsInRain

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    i used to think like you though, back when i was getting article 7's everyday. the truth is, it was all bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. you just work in a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty center tbh, i have yet to meet a single manager that doesn't enjoy his job.
    cant say the same for hourlies though.

    LOL yeah whatever man, go on back to shuffling packages

  14. Gumby

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    Atleast 407 can afford to eat! What about you? Go shuffle something else!
  15. TearsInRain

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    yeah man, you got me, i subsist on bags of cashews and gatorade i pilfer from the safety committee; the tent i live in is made of DR bags and held together by info notices
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    Why would you take a cut in pay to go driving? I always thought if your PT rate was higher than starting driver rate you would keep that rate until progresison overtakes your rate.
  17. Bubblehead

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    Wait a minute, why would you take a pay cut on the hour to go into driving?
    When I went, I was "red circled" at my part time rate.
    Still had to wait till the progression caught up with my part time rate to get a raise, but a worthy trade off.
    Is this something that has changed or is it different in your area?
  18. Anonymous 10

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    you are the man in your own mind and that all that matters plus your mom loves you. Your the best of the best of the part time sups.
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    You probably subsist on safety dogs.
    I see your type everyday by the grill, in your faded out maroon UPS golf shirt and worn out khakis, when I am walking into the building.
    I wonder how anybody can eat hot dogs at 8:30am?
    Now I realize it is your best meal and the highlight of your day since your folks are now reliant on Meals On Wheels.
    You are living the dream.
    Stick with it till your mom kicks you out of the basement.
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    I think I should stay at my current rate until progression passes it if UPS was fair but I dont know if it works that way. Who do you think I should talk to about it? My local HR is a joke, they seem like they dont know anything about anything.