Drug testing for feeder drivers

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    What are the regulations regarding how long a driver is to be notified of a drug test? In Portland OR, the driver is given no notice at all. Sometimes a feeder manager is waiting for the driver at the guard shack as they walk in. I was informed that 5 out of 13 feeder drivers in Payette ID were given 12 hours notice of a test and told to drive to a testing lab on 6/12/06 instead of testing on property. Why the double standard?
  2. dannyboy

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    The way I understand the process, they can test feeder drivers at will. Or not. Here they can give you the notice, or they can send you in as you show up for work. Totally up to them and their whim.

  3. It is a DOT requirement that a certain percentage are randomly tested. Here the DOT certified tester drives right on property gives supervisor list and waits for drivers to get back or report for work.
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    My understanding of the process is that no prior notice is required. However I believe contract language prevents them from technically testing you "at will" which is to say at their whim. I believe either an accident, injury, probable cause (suspicion of banned substance use), or true random generated testing in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier guidlines would be required.

    Some years ago I found myself on the supposed random generated list far too many times in a twelve month period for a reasonable person to believe it was chance. Our steward contacted the district nurse requesting information on the list and the problem was resolved. I believed someone had gotton lazy and was reusing a list. MHO
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    I think the government mandates that a certain number/per cent of feeder drivers be tested every month (or whatever the time period is).
    Perhaps the "testing lab" that you refer to didn't have a techician to send out to your facility and the company was "grasping at straws" and rushing to meet the deadline.
    I hope these 5 feeder drivers were paid for their travel time as well as all other time involved in this.
    Is the selection process truly "random"? I've seen situations that would strongly suggest that it isn't.
  6. dannyboy

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    Probably not. If you were a high profile company like UPS and all they had to do was show that X number of drivers were drug tested at "random" but they chose those that they knew were clean to test over and over again, would not that make some sense? Why would you take a chance on having drivers test positive when you did not have to?

    And to hear some posters here, 90% of all UPS employees would fail any type of drug test if it were given randomly.

    Surely you are not suggesting that we have lazy people in management now are you?:lol:

    Tie, what about it? You all so over worked you would do something like this?:w00t:

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    To keep them from killing people and distroying UPS equipment? I know that UPS is backwards about many things, but if I were in charge I'd like to know my drivers were clean. Too bad the hassle and paperwork involved encourages the company to turn a blind eye.
  8. over9five

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    I hope it's truly random. I was tested last month, and was told the night before to report for drug testing in the morning.
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    I was popped 6 times in 2 years without any notice.The day i won my grievance to be put back in feeders instead of a casual,they were waiting for me at the door the next morning!!Random??NOT SURE,but i had nothing to hide.Thats here in mass. fyi
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    You must have needed a backhoe to dig this one up.
  11. pickup

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    Have u gotten the results back yet from this drug test?
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    I've never gotten the results from a drug test.
    I think it's one of those deals that "no news is good news".
    I had one tester (for another employer) explain to me if a donation is adulterated (with salt or some other substance) it's considered a positive. If a prescription drug shows up the testing company contacts the driver to ask about a prescription, (and possibly contact the doctor?). Of course if an illegal substance shows up you're in a heap of trouble.
    I've only been randomly tested once, other than the pre-employment screen. They got me when I punched in, I was told not to leave the dispatch area until I was on the clock, then go with the testing lady. I'm surprised they told over9five the night before.
  13. pickup

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    If there are problems with the test, u get notified first. That is why they want ur day and night time phone numbers. Upon testing the first sample, if there are any problems, a positive result or a masking agent, u will be notified. then they test the second sample sometimes under more stringent conditions to eliminate the possibility that they contaminated the first sample. So no phone call is good news and if u don't get one, don't expect ups to surprise u with a tap on the shoulder a couple of days after the test.
  14. over9five

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    They seem to like randomly testing me a lot more now that I'm in Package.

    Figure that one out!
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    I was randomly picked for testing last month but I was on vacation that week. The tester comes to the UPS building with a list of drivers to be screened. When I reported to work Monday morning, I was told to drive to the clinic and provide a sample. So I take my feeder doubles and drive to the clinic and take up half of their parking lot with my set. I walk into the clinic fill out the paperwork and wait about 1 hr. I still have a 460 mile run to complete. It turns into a 12 hr day.
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    You do a 460 mile run in less that 12 hours on a regular basis? What's your hurry!
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    460 miles in 12 hours works out to less than 40 mph. It is actually closer to 11 hours, as he is at the clinic for 1 hour, but this still works out to about 45 mph average.
  18. robot

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    I was tested once at another Hub. I was outbounding at the phones when their dispatch told me to drop my trailer and come to the office. Apparrentally my dispatch forgot to pull me aside when I clocked in. I guess they couldn't wait for me to get back to the building.
  19. Covemastah

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    that includes his turn around time at the building he goes to!!!
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    That's curious......
    I thought only those driving vehicles bigger than 26001 pounds were in the pool for "random" drug testing.
    Unless, of course, you are acting in a manner that would cause them to suspect you.