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    They usually give you a "window" of hours, so you can also go to the store

    and can perform minor everyday personal tasks.
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    After your application, driving record, and drug test are reviewed....

    Then, you obtain your Temporary CDL License.

    You can't start training without it.
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    I stand corrected
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    I guess it's been a while.... ;)
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    Correct. Without your permit, you cannot drive on a public road in a CMV. Even if someone with a CDL is in the passenger seat. Kinda hard to train someone for a CDL when they can’t even leave the yard.

    I believe a DUI is a 3 year DQ here.
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    Takes 3 years to qualify after a DUI. That’s a weak effin local union there if they can’t even give you an answer for this.
  7. The real question is, can ups hire you as a non dot qualified driver, train you, then fire you after peak for dishonesty?
  8. All of our drivers are DOT.
  9. Are they?
  10. As far as I know
  11. look up state laws. Even though package car drivers are required by the company to get a DOT card, most of us would never actually be eligible to use it, for one the car has to be over 5k pounds and have like over 12 wheels...it’s cheap to get a dot card for someone who doesn’t need one, Even cheaper when a dot card holder doesn’t abide by the laws of having one...if you smell what im spraying.
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    A DOT card and a CDL are two different animals.
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    Going thru the background I keep you guys posted.
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    How hard can it be? Go to your DMV, have them pull your record, pay the fee and print it out.