ebay sellers are stealing from UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by j4ck, May 21, 2005.

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    check out this ebay account and look what is being sold. "e_commerce_street" (no quotes) appears to be making money selling UPS shipping supplies.

    This person appears to be setting up bogus UPS shipping accounts under his buyers name and having UPS send them large quanties of shipping labels. This person has done this more than 1000 times, making between $7.95 and $14.95 everytime.

    I've tried to report this person to ebay and also tried to inform UPS, but with no luck. Is there anyone on Brown Cafe that can help stop this from happening?

    "e_commerce_street" is not the only seller on ebay doing this, but seems to be making a lot more money at it than others.
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    I'm surprised the company didn't jump right on this as they did with the apparent case of the individual selling company uniforms on ebay.
    Perhaps the company is on this but they haven't felt the need to keep you updated. They will go after anyone they think is stealing from them.
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    Who did you inform? Did you call one of the 800 numbers or did you bring it to an individual in a face to face encounter? How long has it been that there hasn't been a response?
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    I informed my center manager immediately after delivering a large shipment of label to a residence on my route. This shipment was purchased on ebay (customer told me so), but was sent from the UPS supplies warehouse.

    My center manager either didn't understand exactly what I was trying to tell him, or just didn't care. That night I reported "e_commerce_street" to ebay, and also emailed UPS.

    I got no response from ebay, but UPS emailed me back saying that the issue is being looked into. That was in January of this year!

    I think all UPS people work to hard to let someone like this steal from us.
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    Next time you go there, don't deliver them to the guy, just service cross them as refused and send them back to the shipper/vendor. I had a former account that was suspended. They changed their name by 1 letter and used there cel number as their new phone number. They then ordered a bunch of new supplies (env and paks). I sent the supplies back.

    I then called the 1-800 number and told the operator of the 'scam' they were doing. He made a note under their phone number/shipper number to be cautious about sending supplies to this customer.
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    If you look up this person on ebay, they have changed their name quite frequently.
    People like you probably keep turning them in, keep up the good work.
    Theives like this cost everyone.
    If you look at their site you can tell they are scam artists.
    If this kind of stuff starts happening all the time UPS might change how they distribute materials, which could hurt honest people.
  7. j4ck

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    I think UPS should limit the number of supplies that can be ordered by a brand new account. Someone creating a UPS online shipping account should not be able to order 6400 labels immediately after opening an account. UPS should realize that money most likely will be lost on a deal like this.
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    Ive turned in people who were selling the thermal printers which are usually given to shippers, they dont seem to care. They always say they have someone looking into, in the meantime our hard earned profits are going to fly by nights.
    I had a shipper on my route who got suspended, so they started taking their stuff to drop offs, then change location and get new shipper number, then got suspended and did the same thing. I worked with my sup and LP and caught them dropping the crap off one night when I saw them leave with a truckful, and we seized their stuff. But it turned out they had to return all their stuff as we (UPS) did not have the authority to do that. I also pulled labels which went back and forth a zillion times to their "main office and back to them , the details of tracking were numerous, clearly showing what they did. As far as I know they just disappeared into the night. They only owed UPS 30,000.00 or so and it wasn't a large account, as far as the amoount others owed. Sad that even when they get caught, they have more rights than the company did.

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    If I ever caught someone reusing the same label w/ same tracking number, I would somehow see to it that it would 'mysteriously' disappear. What claim would they have against UPS if the track # shows that it has already been delivered--20 times in the past!
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    <font color="0000ff">I think all UPS people work too hard to let someone like this steal from us.</font>

    I agree. Where's markbell when you need him?
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    Ups has people that monitor ebay for this kind of stuff. I heard the LP guy talking about this the other day. He was saying they caught a guy in Phoenix selling his uniform, he was xmas help. In the same city there was a guy going around in browns with a penske rental making p/ups claiming he was helping out the regular driver. They have found DIADs for sale on ebay. Unfortunately mgt does not have the man power to keep up. They cant even get a handle on all the thugs pilfering our bldg.
  12. diads on ebay? what would one do with it?
    the only thing I can think of is dress up in browns and use it to look realistic to do pickups
    in a mall or something.Sounds risky at that.UPS
    at times is its worst enemy for throwing away money.One of my shippers once a few years ago ordered 2500 tr labels.They sent him 250,000.
    He still has them even though he does everything online now.Another time a cust ordered some preprinted waybills,they sent them 10,000 all on international waybills when this co is all domestic, they couldve used them except each one was marked expedited,they refused them and by chance the division manager was there when I dumped them in front of the clerks office.He was completley unconcerned when I told him.He looked like he couldnt wait to get out of there.so it goes.
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    I have a copy of a Diad sold on EBAY, and it was a mgmt person, as I researched it and he also had sold his partners plaque, with his name engraved on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And had his name and address on the listing as to where to send the money. Duhh, stupid crimal. But when I reported it to UPS, I got told I needed more work as I had too much time to spend on Ebay. That was local, of course I went past that.

    It all basically ended in January 2003, then the rumors started, and the office memos that we all saw to beware of the UPS person, and ask for ID and all that. After it all ended.....

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    I had a mailman on my route tell me about a person using our NDA letterboxes for post office shipments. A few days later I had 15 cases of letterboxes for the same address. I called the center and the center manager told me to bring them back. The lady tried ordering them again and we RTS those as well. A third order came a few months later and a different manager told me we had to deliver them. I went to one of the sales folks and she said we had to deliver the supplies. I suggested she go out and talk to the person and find out what her shipping situation is. I was then told Do your job and Ill do mine. BTW, it turns out the lady was selling computer parts on Ebay that her boyfriend had stolen from his employer.
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    Next time one of the sales folks comes down begging for sales leads, make sure you tell her, Do your job and Ill do mine.
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    Had a guy get intl boxes a few times. I asked him what he did with them and he said he sold stuff on Ebay. Took the shipper # off of the pkgs of supplies and took it to one of our Acct. Reps. The guy hadn't shipped one pkg with us in the past year. Needless to say he won't be getting any more boxes from us.