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    Hello all,

    I tried to sign up for tuition assistance today on the edcor website (can be found here https://ups.tap.edcor.com/) but my login was repeatedly denied. I entered in the right ID and password but still nothing. Tried the birthday and nothing happened with that either. Any suggestions? I also tried resetting the password but they said they didn't have my email on file. I'd rather not call and wait on hold if I'm doing something stupid. Do I need to sign up on the edcor website somewhere? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    I had problems as well at first because I was using the wrong link on the upser.com website. You may be encountering the same problem.

    I had the following two options. The correct one for me was the 1st link.

    UPS Earn and Learn Program for part-time employees
    The Earn and Learn Program is a student financial assistance package offered at select UPS locations to students who work part-time at UPS.

    Term or Semester Maximum:
    Yearly Maximum:
    Lifetime Maximum:
    Covered at flat $25 per course
    Covered up to $250 per term or semester
    Grade Requirement:
    D- and above
    Yearly Maximum Calculation:
    Based on the start date of the term or semester.

    This link gave me problems.
    UPS Education Assistance Program for part-time nonmanagement employees
    Where available, part-time nonmanagement employees who are not in an Earn & Learn location can receive financial assistance to continue their college education.

    if that doesnt help you can goto HR and ask them for assistance. I used a computer there to see why it didnt work. If that doesnt work just make the call because you only have up untill 30 days after the start of the class to apply. Hope this helps.

    PS passwords are case sensitive, make sure you dont have caps lock on.
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    yea i have the same problem too and i tried calling but 66 min and i was still on hold!
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    Can I get an Earn to Learn application E mailed to me because I cant log in right now
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    I know that they temporarily did away with full-time driver college reimbursement... not that this applies in your case apparently.....perhaps they have decided to cut back on part timers as well......... not sure....just supposing.... edcor did send me an e-mail saying that they were forgoing reimbursement at this time.......hope this helps.....when I have called edcor's number my wait was not extremely long..... I would suggest that you keep calling them and don't wait past 5 minutes before you hang up and redial.... you might just end up catching a free operator on the first ring or two if you do this..... just an idea..
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    Call Edcor, they can probably work it out over the phone.

    GeorgiaBrown- do you think it is just temporary? I'm betting we will never see that program restored for fulltime union employees again.
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    I am hopeful yet being realistic about it.....I am a junior and was enjoying UPS paying for some of my school.... got about 11K ........ paid for my freshman and sophomore years..... had to take out loans for the rest.....If upper management starts seeing a substantial profit being made again then perhaps it will come back but with the economy being the way it is..........?
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    i just got hired at UPS Package Handler (Pleasantdale Rd) on 6/13. Am i eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement on my Fall semester which starts on 8/24...