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    Been a package handler for 6 years, plan on transferring about 2 hours away at the end of summer to another school after I graduate this spring. What are the requirements from UPS for the school I plan on transferring to? I understand i'll loose building seniority but keep everything else? fine with me I just want the same pay and health care since I can't not have healthcare these days. I know they are hiring at the facility I am looking at transferring at.

    I understand the rest of the transfer process fairly well I'm just not sure what the requirements are for the school for UPS. Does it have to be a certain class of college? can it just be a vocational school?
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    Is the search broke???
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    Everything I have read did not answer my question....thanks for the helpful insight though barnyard.
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    Unfortunately HR makes up the rules and requirements regarding transfers as they go. All I needed was a copy of an acceptance letter to the college. My fulltime sup tried to demand a copy of a class schedule and then even tried to lie and say UPS doesn't allow transfers. Just go straight to the head of HR (like I ended up doing) and explain your situation and they'll tell you what they need. Keep in mind though that some will throw up any road block they can to discourage you because they don't want to have to replace you.

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