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    This seems like a great site with a lot of good discussions. I've been reading through some of the threads and see a lot of opinions and viewpoints.

    I work in IS and recently (last year) worked peak as a drivers helper. It was a small hub and I was assigned to some great drivers. It gave me a much better understanding of what our drivers and loaders do and how hard they work. Not that I didn't respect them before, but it gave me a whole new respect for what they do.

    The only thing I didn't understand is during the morning PCMs, everybody would stand together and listen before getting on the road. However, there were days when the union reps would visit and stay for the PCMs and it was blatantly obvious that none of the drivers would stand near me (I was the only full time helper at this hub). Is there some written/unwritten rule against socializing with non-union UPSers when reps are present?
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    Dont take it personally.
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    Put a keg in your garage and have the driver group over:lol: They will hug you at the next PCM
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    They don't stand next to you cuz your not in the Union? It's not like union members wear a special pin that says "Union Member" on it. So who knows who's a member and who isn't? I doubt it has anything to do with you not being a member. It has to do with your body odor. Wear deoderant my stinky friend.
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    No that couldn't be the case. I showered some of the days and the days I didn't, the diesel smell covered the odor!
    I don't know how it all works but when I asked the driver I was with, he told me not to take it personally (as was posted above). It was just weird that they treated me like a rookie and picked on me and included me in all the mother jokes like I belonged there but when the reps were present, there was no mistake that things were different. Maybe it was because I stood out, I had a different uniform.
    Either way no big deal. Just another topic to discuss with my therapist a few years down the line.
    It was a great experience and I would honestly love to do it again sometime. Aside from freezing my ass off in the snow, working 11-12 hours a day with no break, being completely useless to the little woman when I got home and losing 10 pounds in the two weeks it was a piece of cake.
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    New to site, thanks for the laugh. I remember being a jumper and wondering how the heck those drivers do it. Your summation of your experience was quite amusing, although true. Good luck. youll be fine.
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    Hey dont worry about dillweed, he insults everybody. Kinda reminds me of someone else we all know and love that promised to leave the site........but forgot I guess.:lol:

    Just cant help themselves I guess.