Employees who lose overtime cases may still owe boss

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    Employees who lose overtime cases may still owe boss - Press Enterprise

    A warning to employees: If you sue your boss for not paying you overtime, give you meal breaks or other wages you felt entitled to and lose, you'll still be responsible for paying your employer's attorney fees.

    That's what happened when Larry Plancich, an on-road supervisor for UPS, sued the shipper and lost. While the trial court ruled in UPS' favor it agreed with Plancich that he shouldn't be responsible for paying his employer's court costs and attorney fees because it would go against the intent of the law and "create a chilling effect on workers." The California Court of Appeal, our very own fourth appellate district division two, disagreed and this month reversed the trial court's decision ruling that Plancich was responsible for UPS' costs in Plancich v. United Parcel Service.

    Those costs have been estimated to be $38,387.20, according to the court's decision.
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