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    I am trying to find a number to be able to get my employment dates for a mortgage loan. The 800 number you call to allow access for other people to verify is fine but I have to know the dates before I fill out my loan application. Have already tried calling and going by the HUB that I worked at and no help. Can someone please help me out here I just need to find out my employment dates.
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    Try to get on upsers .com and see if you can log in still, I don't know how long it has been since you left but you can do it for awhile after your departure. If you can get in, you can access your paychecks and get your dates.

    I have another idea if that doesn't work. If you have the email account you used to initially correspond with ups. Then log on and scroll backwards to see when you filled out the application and when you were notified for an interview. That info might be enough to jog your memory to get the start date.

    As for your departure date, you might remember starting a new job or going on trip right after you left UPS. Look for any details on your email about the new job or trip and that might help you remember your end date with UPS.
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    Your local HR dept can help you. Call or stop by.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    How about just looking at past tax returns and use those years.

    You could also pull your credit credit report. Last time I viewed mine, it accurately showed my job history.
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  5. Baba gounj

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    I look at my Teamsters Pension Fund years of service page .
    It lists all of my hours of service by year , click on that year and it breaks it down by month .
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  9. Should be on credit report that loan officer pulls if they pull a hard inquiry and not a quick stub- you get one free credit report per year http://www.experian.com/assistance/free-annual-credit-report.html
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