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  1. boodawg

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    I just want to spread the word about the importance of taking the ERI survey. It's our best voice to corporate UPS. Our management team tries to hand pick the people to take it so their results come back positive. Last year in our center less than 10 people took it and it was the most positive our center has ever had. In previous years when we were required to take it, we tanked. Sure most of the questions are general, but you get 300 characters to write a personalized essay. I think alot of upsers think they can pinpoint our surveys, but if they could, I would be gone. You can tell it like it is, good or bad. Voice your opinion! Happy Founders Day
  2. 30andout

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    Survey is a joke, nothing on it is ever acted on, good or bad. UPS doesn't care about our oponions they do what ever makes the most$$$$$.
  3. over9five

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    When only 10 people take the ERI, it means the center team can take the ERI for all the people who didn't. It's called 100% participation.

    And you know the 40 the team does for you guys are all gonna be positive!

    So I agree. Take the ERI!
  4. sendagain

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    It is just a waste of money to take that survey and then do nothing about it. Every time I took it, I was on overtime, so I was getting time and a half just so people could pretend to be addressing the issues.
  5. toonertoo

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    If I were to take the survey it would have to focus on the last year, which was one from HE**. Now that we have a kind of new team in place and they seem to be would be unfair to give them the results I feel from the last yr. So what should I do, I dont know. I dont want to negatively affect a new team who seems to care about service and integrity as well as the numbers, but I dont want to give any credit to the ones who just left. So I will most likely not take it.
  6. xkingx

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    they cant deny us the right to take it? or can they?
  7. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    No I have never seen anyone denied, usually they beg, and hand you treats.
  8. over9five

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    NO! Take it, or they will take it for you!
  9. Braveheart

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    Everyone should take the ERI and be honest. Sugercoating it will only make the upper brass think it is A-OK where you are at. Fill in the last area where it gives you a chance to tell it like it is. This way when there is a big DOT, or OSHA, or other terrible incident brought on by your ignorant or dishonest managers there will be no excuses. Make Upper UPS brass aware and then in fact culpable.
  10. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Hell, they pay you to take it. Take the money!
  11. toonertoo

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    over9five, some things are just more important than getting paid. I cant give them a bad eri which is what the last group should get. The new ones are trying, maybe its just coz its eri time. It is a survey about how we feel mgmt and our company is doing. Its an integrity issue for me, and I really do not think they even look at the essay, I think its just something they throw in to make it look like they REALLY care about our input. Im trying not to be negative but this comes up every year at ERI time.

    The stupidest was 2001 when 9/11 just happened and everyone just wanted to get home to see the news, hug their kids or whatever, and they acted like the ERI was more important than we were being attacked, and people were dying. I guess that just left me feeling negative , still, about the ERI. Take my pay, Im not taking it. Anyone anywhere anytime can ask me how I feel, and I will tell them anything they want to know. To answer a bunch of open ended questions with no answer that I like provided I cannot do.

    Yes I have been told that I am hard headed, stubborn, and vindictive. Those are my good qualities.
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  12. scratch

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    Take the survey so they won't do it for you, and when you get to the last part where you can type in your real thoughts, give credit to your new management staff.
  13. over9five

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    "..I am hard headed, stubborn, and vindictive. Those are my good qualities."

    Wrong! I know your good qualities. You are honest, you care about people and the job you do, and you say what you feel.

    When we take the ERI, they tell us we are rating "this moment in time". Not the past, not the past year, and not the past management team.

    They also tell us we are rating our direct supervisor, NOT the center team, or the center manager. Obviously (in my center) this is said to raise the score. Rating the team or the manager would kill the score. Rating your direct sup (who we probably have some kind of working relationship with) brings the score up. Do they tell everyone this?

    I respect anyones decision to take the ERI or not, but I believe if you don't take it, someone else will take yours for you. The center manager wants 100% participation. (Makes him look good).

    Are the rest of you guys told to rate the team or your direct supervisor?
  14. Jones

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    Always take the survey, and always give the lowest score possible, irrespective of whether you are happy or not. If the center gets a good score, it's a guarantee that nothing will change, except possibly for the worse.

    If you can get all the drivers in your group to stick together and give the center the lowest score possible, who knows, maybe they will do something, even if it's just bringing in donuts and coffee every friday to try and cheer everybody up :wink:.

    If they don't fix things when they get a bad score, you can be damn sure they won't fix anything if they get a good score, so basically you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hammering them as hard as you can.

    You get one shot, so make it count. Grab your bat and nail that pinata as hard as you can....
  15. Dfigtree

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    Last year the ERI was sooooo bad that there were special meetings where people who never speak up spoke up and the moderator of the meeting said that she would not publish the results of the meeting because they were soooo bad but would pass on the gist of what took place to her boss. ERI? Get real.

    An idependent ERI run by a professional non-affiliatetd company that knows how to evaluate managers and has the authority to sack the managers who cannot come up with a passing grade ... NOW that is what is needed.

    Enjoy the weekend.
  16. dablues

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    In the past we were told we were rating our sup and his boss. This year I was told we're rating our sup only. I also think this is an effort to get the numbers up. I don't believe sups can be held responsible for much any more as they have no power. Decisions are made above him and that is who I'll grade.
  17. beentheredonethat

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    Here's my 2 cents on the survey. I think it's a good idea. But in large part the survey question is to general. If you were to honestly answer the question and only the question put to you. In many cases the results would be very high. But many, including I at times, have answered based on an interpretation of the question. We had one mgr ask us supervisors, what's your opinion as to "Is the promotion procedure fair" was answered low. Most brown nosed and said, maybe they didn't understand the question. If you look at the procedure it's real fair. I finally spoke up and said, people who answered negatively didn't answer the question is the procedure fair. They answered is it being followed fairly. The boss asked why I thought that. I asked him what the promotion procedure was he mentioned rotations, college, operations etc. I then agreed, that's my opinion of the procedure. Then I asked him who the last 3 people in the district that got promoted. Then I asked him if those people who got promoted had the qualifications based on the procedure. He acknowledged I may have a point. Now, I always answer positively to the survey. In mgmt, If you don't, you have to go to more meetings to explain why things are bad. This way it reduces work by answering that I'm happy. --- Been There
  18. Phantom Lord

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    This is a great idea, except it doesn't take into account those individuals like Jones, who would give the worst possible score on any evaluation just because. Would you like to be the manager/supervisor that got fired just because there were people taking this evaluation that didn't care to answer honestly?
  19. DS

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    If so then why are 99% of the posts in here from upsers all over America negative?.Some of us think its just a way for corporate to try to make us believe that they care what the hell we think.
    ERI .... "employee redundancy irrelevance" survey BUT ON THE OTHER HAND
    and the comments section...if you need some action on a bad sup,this is almost as good as calling the 1-800 number,example...they send you out with 140 deliveries and youve already worked 11 1/2 hrs,and call the center with 30 stops left.I`m being instructed to sheet all deliveries as futures instead of missed. include your
    name and center .But be sure you hate that sup because he`s probobly toast.
  20. tonyexpress

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    Your management team can tell you what time period you're taking the ERI for. Then you can give an honest opinion, either raking the old team over the coals if they deserve it or giving the new team a better score for their efforts.

    An ERI score is important to upper management and is also a pride issue because all the scores for all the work groups are made public.Management also takes the ERI to let their superiors know how they feel. So if the old team had their hands tied regarding the decisions they were forced to make then their ERI score should reflect that.

    An ERI may be the only time you can get sh-- to roll up hill.:lol:

    Good luck!:thumbup1: